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Lobber plants (also refered to as Catapult plants) are plants that launch their projectiles in an arc, usually at half the rate of Peashooter's firing speed.

Projectiles launched by these plants can hit zombies submerged in water, go over the Roof's slant in Plants vs. Zombies and the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2, bypass shields and obstacles in Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies 2, and hit Flying zombies in Plants vs. Zombies 3.

Quick-search table
Plants vs. Zombies Cabbage-pult1.png Kernel-pult1.png Melon-pult1.png Winter Melon1.png Cob Cannon1.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Bamboo ShootA.png BamboomA.png
Plants vs. Zombies 2 Cabbage-pult2.png Kernel-pult2.png Melon-pult2.png Winter Melon2.png Banana Launcher2.png Pepper-pult2.png A.K.E.E.2.png Spore-shroom2.png Dusk Lobber2.png Strawburst2.png
Blooming Heart2.png Apple Mortar2.png Missile Toe2.png Holly Barrier2.png Sap-fling2.png Arma-mint2.png Sling Pea2.png Blastberry Vine2.png Turkey-pult2.png Stickybomb Rice2.png
Plants vs. Zombies 2
(Chinese version)
Cabbage-pult2C.png Kernel-pult2.png Melon-pult2.png Winter Melon2.png Lotuspot2.png Banana Launcher2.png Pepper-pult2.png A.K.E.E.2.png Spore-shroom2.pngPrimal Rafflesia2.png
Dusk Lobber2.png Blooming Heart2C.png Lily of Alchemy2.png Ruby Red2.png Orchid Chef2.png Stickybomb Rice2C.png Carrotillery2.png Dandelion2C.png Sap-fling2C.png Pumpkin Witch2.png
Dragonfruit2.png R.A.D Missiles2.png Cob Cannon2.png Firebloom Queen2.png Apple Mortar2C.png Missile Toe2C.png Sling Pea2C.png Holly Barrier2C.png Strawburst2C.png Bud-minton2.png
Nuclear Earthstar2.png Turkey-pult2C.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Carrot RocketO.png Pomegranate-pultO.png Cabbage-pultO.png Kernel-pult2.png Pineapple CannonO.png Winter MelonO.png Melon-pultO.png Sap-flingO.png Blooming HeartO.png 48px
Plants vs. Zombies:
Garden Warfare
Bamboo ShootGW1.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
Garden Warfare 2
Bamboo ShootGW2.png Candy Cane ShootGW2.png Bunnyboo ShootGW2.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
All Stars
Kernel-pultAS.png Popcorn-pultAS.png Ball CactusAS.png Melon Slice PitcherAS.png Melon-pultAS.png Winter MelonAS.png Firebloom Queen2.png Pumpkin Witch2.png Apple TosserAS.png Apple Mortar2C.png
Apple MortarAS.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Blooming HeartH.png Cabbage-PultH.png Melon-PultH.png Winter MelonH.png Sap-FlingH.png Kernel-PultH.png
Plants vs. Zombies 3 Cabbage-Pult3.png Kernel-Pult3.png Caramel Popcorn3.png Melon-Pult3.png Flak Seed3.png Kalestorm3.png

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