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The levels that have an extra objective/goal or more than one besides the Brain Buster objective and the regular objective "Defeat the zombies" or "Survive a massive attack". These are common objectives that the player can meet:

  • Don't let the zombies trample the flowers.
  • Never have more than X plants.
  • Spend no more than X sun.
  • Produce at least X sun.
  • Don't lose more than X plants.
  • Survive without planting on Dave's mold colonies.
  • Defeat X zombies in Y seconds (only in Pirate Seas, Big Wave Beach and Penny's Pursuit).
  • Survive without any lawn mowers.
  • Survive the zombie attack with the given plants.
  • Survive with most plants given for you.
  • Don't spend any sun for X seconds.
  • Plan your defense and defeat the zombies.
  • Survive and protect the endangered plants.
  • Survive and keep the Puff-shrooms alive (only in Dark Ages - Night 12).

Penny's Pursuit exclusive objectives:

  • Pre-plant with limited sun and survive the zombie attack!
  • Score to beat: X
  • Survive for X minutes!
  • Apply Condition X times!
  • Defeat X Zombie Type.
  • Defeat General Zombie X times!
  • Destroy X Grid Items.
  • Fill a horizontal row with X plants!

Chinese-exclusive objectives:

  • Don't lose any lawn mowers.

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