These are the abilities for the Imp and Z-Mech. In this category there are two subcategories containing the individual abilities of the aforementioned zombies. However, the Z-Mech can only exist if summoned by the Imp, which is why this category exists.

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Plants vs. Zombies:
Garden Warfare 2
Imp ImpkataGW2 Robo CallGW2 Gravity GrenadeGW2
Z-Mech Robo StompGW2 Dragon SwoopGW2
Drag RaceGW2 Water CycloneGW2
Biotic PullGW2 Crusty GigabombGW2
Explosive EscapeGW2 Missile MadnessGW2 Wing FlapGW2
Pylon MineGW2 Shrimp JumpGW2
Zomni-BladeGW2 Peg Leg KataGW2
Plants vs. Zombies:
Battle for Neighborville
Imp ImpkataBfN Robo CallBfN Gravity GrenadeBfN
Z-Mech Missile MadnessBfN Explosive EscapeBfN Bionic BashBfN

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