Fire variants are character variants that can do additional damage after they shoot their enemies. The character loses health at a rate of five health per second while they are being burnt.

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Plants vs. Zombies:
Garden Warfare
Plants Fire PeaGW1.png Fire FlowerGW1.png Fire ChomperGW1.png Fire CactusGW1.png
Zombies CenturionGW1.png WelderGW1.png PaleontologistGW1.png Cricket StarGW1.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
Garden Warfare 2
Plants Fire PeaGW2.png Fire FlowerGW2.png Fire ChomperGW2.png Fire CactusGW2.png Fire RoseGW2.png BBQ CornGW2.png
Zombies CenturionGW2.png WelderGW2.png PaleontologistGW2.png Cricket StarGW2.png Captain FlamefaceGW2.png Lil' DrakeGW2.png

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