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Explosive plants are a type of plant. Some of them are instant kills; they explode to kill zombies. In Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, when killed by an explosive plant, the animation is the same as if the zombie was killed by other means, such as if a Peashooter killed it. While others function differently with their attacks that causes explosions.

Quick-search table
Plants vs. Zombies Cherry Bomb1.png Potato Mine1.png Ice-shroom1.png Doom-shroom1.png Jalapeno1.png Explode-o-nut1.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Social Edition
Cherry Bomb1.png Potato Mine1.png Jalapeno1.png Pickled PepperSE.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Cherry BombA.png PopcornA.png JalapeñoA.png Chilly PepperA.png
Plants vs. Zombies 2 Potato Mine2.png Iceberg Lettuce2.png Grave Buster2.png+ Cherry Bomb2.png E.M.Peach2.png Primal Potato Mine2.png Shadow-shroom2.png Torchwood2.png Jalapeno2.png Ghost Pepper2.png
Lava Guava2.png Strawburst2.png Grapeshot2.png Escape Root2.png Explode-O-Nut2.png Bombegranate2.png Hot Date2.png Solar Tomato2.png Bombard-mint2.png Ice Bloom2.png Puffball2.png Explode-o-Vine2.png Stickybomb Rice2.png Noctarine2.png
Plants vs. Zombies 2
(Chinese version)
Wall-nut2C.png+ Potato Mine2.png Iceberg Lettuce2.png Cherry Bomb2C.png Jalapeno2C.png E.M.Peach2.png Lava Guava2C.png Red Stinger2.png+ Primal Potato Mine2.png Shadow-shroom2.png
Stickybomb Rice2C.png Ghost Pepper2C.png Lord Bamboo2.png Grapeshot2C.png Escape Root2C.png Explode-O-Nut2C.png Hot Date2C.png Strawburst2C.png Nuclear Earthstar2.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Potato MineO.png DandelionO.png EndurianO.png E.M.PeachO.png Cherry BombO.png JalapenoO.png 48px Mine FruitO.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
Garden Warfare
Chili Bean BombGW1.png Sombrero Bean BombGW1.png Potato MineGW1.png Potato Nugget MineGW1.png Corn StrikeGW1.png Corn StrikeGW1.png Cherry StrikeGW1.png Doom-shroomGW1.png CariboomGW1.png Tallnutcannon.png Tactical.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
Garden Warfare 2
Chili Bean BombGW2.png Sombrero Bean BombGW2.png Dark Bean BombGW2.png Potato MineGW2.png Potato Nugget MineGW2.png Pizzazzling Potato MineGW2.png Corn StrikeGW2.png Corn StrikeGW2.png Corn StrikeGW2.png Corn StrikeGW2.png
EMPeachGW2.png Butter BarrageGW2.png Shuck ShotGW2.png Bigger Better ButterGW2.png Multi-ShuckGW2.png Dandelion WeedGW2.png Doom-shroomGW2.png Perfume ShroomGW2.png SquashGW2.png Tallnut GW2.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
Battle for Neighborville
Chili Bean BombBfN.png Shuck ShotBfN.png Blue BlazesBfN.png Potato MineBfN.png Big Bulb BarrageBfN.png E.M.PeachBfN.png Sap TrapBfN.png Super Sap TrapBfN.png Doom-ShroomBfN.png DandelionBfN.png
Squash BfN.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
All Stars
Moody-shroomAS.png Doom-shroomAS.png Bomb Doom-shroomAS.png Cherry BombAS.png Saturn Peach BombAS.png Walnut BombAS.png
Plants vs. Zombies
HotheadH.png Potato MineH.png Primal Potato MineH.png Doom-ShroomH.png Hot DateH.png ShamrocketH.png Berry BlastH.png Berry AngryH.png SizzleH.png Banana BombH.png
Lava GuavaH.png Cherry BombH.png Meteor StrikeH.png Tactical CukeH.png
Plants vs. Zombies 3 Potato Mine3.png Caramel Popcorn3.png& Spreading Flames3.png Bamboo Shoots3.png Flak Seed3.png Cherry Bomb3.png

+ - This ability needs to be unlocked & - Plant Food ability

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