Catapult Baseball Zombie is a zombie that only appears in the mini-game Homerun Derby, in which this zombie serves as a pitcher, in the Nintendo DS versions of Plants vs. Zombies. It lobs basketballs which the player has to hit to make Home Runs and win the level. It lobs one basketball every six seconds. This zombie does not have an Almanac entry.


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The goal of Homerun Derby is to get 30 homeruns by swiping the basketballs with your stylus when Catapult Baseball Zombie lobs them. You can also hit the basketballs to kill Baseball Zombies. If you use an explosive to destroy Catapult Baseball Zombie, the Catapult Baseball Zombie will be quickly replaced. Therefore, it is not wise to use explosives if they are by Catapult Baseball Zombie. For Jalapenos, plant them in all lanes to destroy zombies, except one, which has Catapult Baseball Zombie. For the Cherry Bomb, plant it where it is not near Catapult Baseball Zombie.


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