Cardio Zombie is a zombie that can only be found in Arena in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He will advance to the 7th column when spawned and will crush any plant with his treadmill. After reaching the 7th column, he will throw brains at his fellow zombies, significantly increasing their health and speed. After a while, he will leave the lawn.

He is immune to the following effects:

Almanac entry

Cardio Zombie

SPEED: Stiff

Advances to a set spot on the board, then tosses buffing brains at other zombies until he's chased away or retreats on his own.

Cardio Zombie is all about health, healthiness and healthy lifestyles. He refuses to consume carbs, downing nothing but high-protein brains for every meal. In his opinion, other zombies really need to up their game. NO EXCUSES!


Phase Length Health Points on defeat Attacks
1 40 seconds 8,000 dps 50,000 Throws 3-5 boosting brains at other zombies
2 40 seconds 10,000 dps 75,000 Throws 5-8 boosting brains at other zombies
3 40 seconds 15,000 dps 100,000 Throws 8-12 boosting brains at other zombies



Cardio Zombie is a major threat as he will boost other zombies, making them even more dangerous. Since Cardio Zombie has an extremely high amount of health, he will reward a lot of points in Arena.

He also does not eat plants as he will crush them with his treadmill, meaning plants like Chili Bean and Sun Bean are useless against him. He can also crush underground plants such as Spikeweed, Cactus, and Spikerock (and for Spikerock's case, crush it with all three spikes intact).

Depending on your Arena league, defeating Cardio Zombie may or may not be possible. In lower leagues, Squash is a viable response, but in higher leagues, Cardio Zombie has too much health to be able to be defeated.

User Contributed

Strategy 1 by ThePvZMaster2

Step 1: Go to an Arena Practice (preferably Goo Peashooter's Tournament Practice) that has a Cardio Zombie in it.

Step 2: Choose plants such as Moonflower (only if you aren't playing the Goo Peashooter Tournament Practice), Kernel-Pult, Squash, Celery Stalker, Bonk Choy, and/or Guacodile (if you have it, you can use Parsnip instead of Bonk Choy and/or Guacodile).

Step 3: Plant 2 or 3 Kernel-Pults on the third row, then wait for Cardio Zombie. When he arrives, plant a Celery Stalker behind him, a Bonk Choy just in front of him, and several Guacodiles on him.

Step 4: He'll be defeated after a while. Do this with the other 2 Cardio Zombies in that Arena Practice.

Tip: Bonk Choy's, Parsnip's, Guacodile's, and Kernel-Pult's Plant Food effects are very helpful. Mastery Threepeaters combined with a napalm Torchwood along with a Tile Turnip will eliminate the threat quickly. Just make sure there is enough sun and no Jesters or Excavator zombies to block the peas.

Note: This strategy is most likely to help you defeat Cardio Zombie in Goo Peashooter's Tournament Practice.



  • In his in-game ad, the background is stylized the same as Neon Mixtape Tour's in-game ads.
  • Cardio Zombies sometimes use different treadmills in-game.
    • However, each of his treadmill has different toughness.
  • When he leaves, the Cardio Zombie turns around, but his treadmil does not, and the treadmill's conveyer is still moving in the original direction.
  • It is the second most strongest zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 2, placing second to the zombots of each world.
  • Like Gargantuars, he can appear to be poisoned, but the poison will disappear after a while.
  • The brain he uses to boost zombies looks different from the brain that can be seen on a game over screen.
  • Despite the fact that he is only encountered in Arena, the lawn that is used in his almanac entry the Modern Day lawn.
  • Prior to the 7.1.3 update, his speed listed in the Almanac has changed from 'Creeper' to 'Stiff'.
  • Cardio Zombie is similar to Catapult Zombie from the first game where he will crush any plant when approaching the lawn and before going into an idle animation. Even in idle animation, the treadmill still has the ability to crush plants.
  • He can not be killed by lawn mowers.
  • E.M.Peach can not disable the treadmill even though it is a machine.
  • If one listens closely, when Cardio Zombie enters the lawn, he makes a low wheezing noise.
  • A glitch can occur that when a Primal Potato Mine explodes and it defeats Cardio Zombie, his defeated animation would play, but he would have no head.
    • This glitch can occur even if he appears for the first time in the lawn in a match.
  • Cardio Zombie has 3 different treadmills, each one more resistant looking than the other. His almanac icon has the 1st treadmill. but the animation uses the 3rd treamill.
  • He also has 2 different death animations. On the first 2 treadmills, when defeated he trips once and the treadmill zips backwards at instant speed. On the 3rd treadmill, he trips multiple times before the treadmill zips backwards, except its head pops off and rolls a bit on the ground.
  • A glitch could occur if the player gives too much damages on the Cardio Zombie, his head will disappear, leaving himself headless.
    • This could happen on all phases.
    • In the case of the third phase, he loses his head directly without having his head rolling on the ground.

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