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Captain Squawk is a Super Rare toxic variant of Captain Deadbeard in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, who was added in the Frontline Fighters DLC. His close range weapon, the Flem Thrower, has unlimited ammo and acts like a toxic spray, similar to the weapon used by the Toxic Chomper. His long range weapon, the Gull Blaster, has 1 ammo per clip but can do big damage, similar to the Tank Commander, Iron Citron and Camo Cactus. As with most toxic variants except Druid Rose and Sanitation Expert, Captain Squawk has an aura that damages any nearby plants over time.


Stickerbook description

"One starry night when gazing from the crow's nest, Captain Squawk heard the coughing of a seagull ill of scurvy. The disheveled bird offered to join the crew in exchange for a lifetime supply of spoiled fish. They've been best mates ever since."

In-game description

Captain Squawk's close range spray and very powerful long range sniper shot deal toxic damage to Plants!

AI Health

  • Easy: 75
  • Normal: 100
  • Hard: 125
  • CRAAAAZY: 150


Left abilities
Barrel BlastGW2.png
Barrel Blast
Hop inside your trusty barrel to shield yourself from attacks, but that's not all! Light the fuse and run towards your Plant foes an explosive surprise.
Looty Booty Barrel BlastGW2.png
Looty Booty
Barrel Blast
Yo ho ho, it's a barrel made of shiny treasure! Protect yourself from plants in style, and blast them away with a glittery explosion!
Center abilities
Parrot PalGW2.png
Parrot Pal
Who ever heard of a pirate without a parrot? Take to the skies with your Parrot Pulse, or lay waste to those below with some tricky Eggsplosions.
Future Parrot PalGW2.png
Parrot Pal
This futuristic friend is made of metal, but she doesn't let that slow her down... well, actually she is a bit slower. But she's tougher too!
Right abilities
Cannon RodeoGW2.png
The Cannon Rodeo is every bit as fun as it sounds. Ride a giant cannon and shoot super powerful cannon balls at whatever you want!



Captain Squawk excels in long range. His Gull Blaster does 39 upon impact and 46 for a critical, which is powerful. However, you must remember that he only has one bullet, so accuracy is very necessary. It is wise to shoot from afar and hide when reloading since the plants might realize where you are shooting from and run away or attack. Apparently, this makes him the most skill-based variant out of all Captain Deadbeard's variants so far.

Captain Squawk also has his short ranged weapon, the Flem Thrower, which deals 7 damage. The Flem Thrower is weak so it is wise to use it in certain situations to finish off a weak plant or a low health plant or use it to clear objective points. For this reason, it is best to do several "quick-scopes", by zooming onto the plant and quicky firing the bullet, then repeating until it is vanquished. This proves to be more efficient and reliable due to damage and lack of overheat.


If you see one, it is wise to take him out since he can be dangerous at long range. In close range, however, he is not that much of a big threat since his Flem Thrower is weak, though he still has Barrel Blast to take care of that disadvantage.

Balancing changes

June 2017 Patch

  • Decreased reticle bloom
  • Increased accuracy within his reticle space.

February 2018 Patch

  • Increased speed at which the reticle constricts from 12 - 15 (both standing and moving)

March 2018 Patch

  • Increased Flem Thrower damage from 5 to 7



  • His short-ranged weapon, the Flem Thrower, is a portmanteau of the words "flem" (or "phlegm") and "flamethrower".
  • The name of his long-ranged weapon, the Gull Blaster, is a portmanteau of the words "gull", "blaster", and "gallbladder". The gallbladder is an organ in the body which holds bile to break down fats to help digestion and may be the ammo which shoots out of the Seagull's mouth.
  • Out of all the Captain Deadbeard variants, he is the only variant that overheats his weapon at close range.
  • There is a glitch that when you get vanquished the "Vanquished By" section and the vanquish feed says either "Toxic Fists" or "Toxic Beam" depending on which weapon the player was vanquished by. Both of the aforementioned primary weapons are actually Toxic Brainz's weapons.
    • If the player gets vanquished by the direct impact of the long-range weapon, it will use the correct name.

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