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Captain Featherbrainz is a bounty zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He resembles a Captain Deadbeard wearing the "Captain Patchy" costume. He can be hunted in Town Center. He becomes invincible and hides inside of his barrel every time his health is reduced 1/4 of the way. The only way to make him vulnerable again is by defeating the Champion Parrot Pals and All-Stars during the invulnerability phase. Defeating him gives the player the For the Birds medal.


His name comes from “captain” and featherbrain, a silly or absentminded person.


When Captain Featherbrainz spawns, he is vulnerable to damage. However, once 1/4 of his health is depleted, Champion Parrot Pals and All-Stars spawn and the captain will be invincible, as hinted by the CAPTAIN IS AFRAID message that appears on the left side of the UI. Once the flocks and jocks are defeated, Captain Featherbrainz will become vulnerable again, as hinted by the CAPTAIN IS VULNERABLE message.

Peashooter and Oak are good choices to use when taking this bounty, as their splash damage could damage the flock of Parrot Pals when they spawn. Be sure to quickly take out all of them while they're flocked together, as they can scatter and become harder to hit as they barrage the player with shots from Parrot Pulse and Eggsplosion.

The All-Stars can be easily taken care of, fight them as if they're regular All-Stars. There are quite a few of them, however, so be careful when taking them out.

The first wave will always only spawn Parrot Pals, and all subsequent waves will spawn both Parrot Pals and All-Stars.

  • The first wave will spawn three Parrot Pals.
  • The second wave will spawn four Parrot Pals and an All-Star.
  • The third wave will spawn five Parrot Pals and two All-Stars.




  • In the description for the For the Birds medal, Captain Featherbrainz's three parrots are named Garrett, Jarrett, and Mr. Beakington III.
    • It also states that they are big-time bullies, and that the All-Stars are their friends.
    • It also states that Captain Featherbrainz is afraid of them, and won't come out of his barrel unless they're gone.
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