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Captain Combustible's motto is, "Power to the Peashooters!" He and his Torchwood Teammates take that motto seriously. TOO seriously.

Dr. Zomboss

Captain Combustible is a plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and the leader of the PvZH Kabloom Icon.pngKabloom and PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.pngMega-Grow classes. His signature superpower is Blazing Bark, which gives a selected plant +4StrengthPvZH.png.

He is the hero version of Torchwood.



He is based on the plant with the same appearance (specifically, his Plants vs. Zombies 2 appearance). With his blue flames being based on Torchwood's blue flames from his Plant Food effect.

He is likely based on Firestorm, a Detective Comics superhero who similarly has glowing eyes, and fire coming out of the top of his helmet. His armor may be inspired by the mythological heroes of the Marvel Comics universe, namely the Asgardians of the Mighty Thor franchise.


Hero description

If you want to see him blow his top, try calling him "Stumpy". Go on. Try it.

Strategies strategy

This fiery tree makes flammable combo decks, using Re-Peat Moss or Repeater to win the game in one turn with a flurry of high-Strength Bonus Attacks and Tricks.


Leading the Kabloom and Mega-Grow classes, Captain Combustible is meant for boosting his plants. He can make use of stat-boosting tricks to raise his plants to monstrous strength. He also has access to tricks that do direct damage to zombies or make plants do bonus attacks. A great strategy is using Re-Peat Moss along with stat-boosters, and most notably, Blazing Bark, causing this plant to do devastating bonus attacks with cards. In addition, as many cards in the Kabloom class have high strength, giving them Bonus Attacks allows them to hit the Zombie Hero multiple times per turn, allowing a quick victory.

Captain Combustible's combination of the Kabloom and Mega-Grow classes also makes beneficial synergies, as the Mega-Grow class enables him to draw more cards, while providing support for high-strength plants and direct damage tricks from the Kabloom class to ensure a steady supply of cards. As mentioned before, Captain Combustible can use tricks to his advantage, such as to make the normally frail Kabloom plants tougher or do bonus attacks.

Captain Combustible is perhaps, one of the best one-turn-win plant heroes, with powerful strategies involving Re-Peat Moss, Bananasaurus Rex , Dandy Lion King and other heavy hitters within his classes. Thanks to these cards, he can set up incredible combos with bonus attacks and his strong plants to lower the zombie hero's health in a split second.

However, Captain Combustible has one major disadvantage, which is his lack of Amphibious cards. Because of this, it might not be a good idea to use him in levels where there are more water lanes than normal. Try to make up for it using Berry Blast, Cherry Bomb, or Meteor Strike to destroy the zombies placed in water lanes, plants like Sour Grapes and Kernel Corn to damage them, or Whipvine and Sweet Potato to move them to a designated lane.

Also, Captain Combustible has no cards that allow him to instantly destroy zombies. The only method to defeating tough zombies is to boost his own plants and fight fire with fire. Sizzle can also be used to replace instant-kill cards.


Captain Combustible will prove to be a tough opponent, as his usage of plants and tricks means that he will be heavily guarded and wreak havoc in your defenses, so it is advised to take care of him as quickly as possible. By using powerful zombies, the player should be able to take down Captain Combustible's defenses and defeat him. Re-Peat Moss is an infamous strategy for Captain Combustible since he can easily boost it and end the game quickly.

If you suspect Captain Combustible is about to attempt to win in a single turn by increasing a Re-Peat Moss' stats and having it perform several bonus attacks, play a Gravestone or shielded zombie, Bonus Track Buckethead, or a zombie that is difficult to remove such as Knight of the Living Dead or Portal Technician in front of it.

If the player faces off against Captain Combustible in a map with an aquatic lane in it, they can use it to their advantage. Due to Captain Combustible's lack of Amphibious plants, the player can use Amphibious zombies such as Walrus Rider in order to sneak around his defenses and damage him directly. This can be done during Multiplayer, but in missions without aquatic lanes, this can prove difficult to defeat him. However, focusing on Captain Combustible's plants on land is important too, as they can be boosted easily.

If you are facing a deck where Captain Combustible uses bonus attacks to his advantage, use Bonus Track Buckethead to nullify them.

Strategy decks

Main article: Community-built decks/Captain Combustible
Captain CombustibleH.png Pear Up

PvZH Kabloom Icon.png PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
Pair of Pears, Shroom for Two and Mushroom Grotto all provide the extra oomph you need to really flex your Muscle Sprouts. Play a Red Plant-It in a lane with team-up to get twice the boost!
Astro-ShroomH.png x4 Shroom for TwoH.png x4 Sweet PotatoH.png x1 TorchwoodH.png x3 Black-Eyed PeaH.png x4
Lily of the ValleyH.png x3 Cosmic PeaH.png x3 Muscle SproutH.png x4 Mushroom GrottoH.png x3 Pair of PearsH.png x3
Onion RingsH.png x2 Pod FighterH.png x4 The Red Plant-ItH.png x2

Captain CombustibleH.png Poison Powerhouse

PvZH Kabloom Icon.png PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
Anti-Hero plants give a boost to Potted Powerhouse when played in empty lanes. Use Banana Peels and Sweet Peas to keep those lanes clear so you can keep hitting the Zombie Hero.
Banana PeelH.png x3 Poison MushroomH.png x4 Veloci-Radish HatchlingH.png x4 Berry BlastH.png x2 Coffee GroundsH.png x1
Doubled MintH.png x4 Sweet PeaH.png x4 Grow-ShroomH.png x4 Poison IvyH.png x4 Bananasaurus RexH.png x2
Potted PowerhouseH.png x4 WhipvineH.png x1 Poison OakH.png x3

Captain CombustibleH.png Repeat After Me

PvZH Kabloom Icon.png PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
Grape Power triggers your Dino-Roars and makes your Dinosaurs, Re-Peat Moss and Doubled Mint absolutely huge! Bonus attacks from these big bodies send opponents into repeated defeats.
Banana BombH.png x3 Party ThymeH.png x4 Veloci-Radish HatchlingH.png x2 Berry BlastH.png x4 Doubled MintH.png x2
Lily of the ValleyH.png x2 Captain CucumberH.png x4 FertilizeH.png x3 Grape PowerH.png x3 Bananasaurus RexH.png x4
Plant FoodH.png x3 Re-Peat MossH.png x4 Onion RingsH.png x2

Captain CombustibleH.png Interplantetary Exploration

PvZH Kabloom Icon.png PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
Invasive Species loves to infiltrate Environments like Coffee Grounds for five or ten damage, while Lily of the Valley and Vegetation Mutation let you conquer the Heights as well.
Banana BombH.png x4 Shroom for TwoH.png x4 Coffee GroundsH.png x4 Doubled MintH.png x3 Lily of the ValleyH.png x4
Vegetation MutationH.png x4 Captain CucumberH.png x4 Invasive SpeciesH.png x2 Muscle SproutH.png x2 Mushroom GrottoH.png x2
Veloci-Radish HunterH.png x2 Plant FoodH.png x2 Lava GuavaH.png x1 The Red Plant-ItH.png x2

Captain CombustibleH.png Completely Bananas

PvZH Kabloom Icon.png PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
You always wondered why they said you've gone bananas. Now you know! Protect your Banana Launcher, and it will fill your hand with Banana Bombs. Combine them and Grape Power to upload a devastating Re-Peat Moss combo!
Banana BombH.png x4 Banana PeelH.png x1 Half-BananaH.png x4 Umbrella LeafH.png x2 Banana LauncherH.png x4
Lily of the ValleyH.png x4 FertilizeH.png x4 Grape PowerH.png x3 ImitaterH.png x2 Banana SplitH.png x4
Bananasaurus RexH.png x4 Re-Peat MossH.png x4


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In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Captain Combustible
China Simplified Chinese 火爆队长
Traditional Chinese 暴走船长
France French Capitaine Combustible
Germany German Käpt'n Kombustibel
Italy Italian Capitan Combustibile
Japan Japanese キャプテン・コンバスティブル English name transliterated into Japanese
South Korea Korean 다혈질 대장
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Capitão Inflamável
Russia Russian "Капитан ""Огонек"""
Spain Spanish Capitán Combustible


  • His flames are always blue, which is similar to a Torchwood fed with Plant Food in Plants vs. Zombies 2 but lighter.
  • His eyes are always flaming. However, they occasionally flicker out long enough for the player to see them. They also remain extinguished indefinitely when his health is at 5 or lower.
  • His theme is an altered version of Green Shadow's, and has more brass opposed to woodwind. This is also used with Citron.
  • He is the only hero to have a unique color in his signature superpower cutscene, blue (as opposed to green in other plant heroes).
  • His description may allude to Grumpy Stumpy, a character in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, who is also Torchwood-based.
  • The motto, "Power to the Peashooters!" references the fact that Torchwood makes all pea plants stronger.
  • He has the most Dino-Roar cards out of any plant hero, with a total of 4.
    • He also has the most Banana cards out of any plant hero, having a total of 6.
  • He's the only Plant hero that has no access to Nut cards normally.
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