Gameplay of Pirate Seas Day 20

I'm not saying you cheated... cheater.

Penny while acknowledging defeat

Cannons Away is a Brain Buster exclusive to Pirate Seas where the player must use five already-placed Coconut Cannons to shoot down Seagull Zombies. Shooting them gives players points and hitting three of more Seagull Zombies with one cannonball results in a combo and more points. At the end, the points turn into coins (approximately 1% of the player's score is awarded as coins). In order to beat the level, the player must beat Penny's high score.

Target scores

  • Cannons Away Tutorial (Day 3): 5000
  • Cannons Away I (Day 11): 30,000
  • Cannons Away II (Day 20): 40,000
  • Cannons Away III (pre-1.7) 60,000


This is a list of scoring patterns for this Brain Buster, assuming "z" is the number of zombies killed.

  • 1x - 2x Combo! : z • 100
  • 3x - 4x Combo! : z • 200
  • 5x - 7x Combo! : z • 300
  • 8x - 10x Combo! : z • 400
  • 11x+ Combo! : z • 500


Save your cannonballs until Seagull Zombies come in large numbers. Killing one or two Seagull Zombies should be avoided at all times. This way, you can rack up big combos and thus earn more points.

Wait for a wave where multiple curve-shaped waves of Seagull Zombies appear and wait until they come together. Fire Coconut Cannons accordingly to keep them frozen in place and watch the points roll in. However, do not spend too much time waiting, as the Seagull Zombies will fly off-screen after a period of time if they are not killed.

Avoid turning on the Turbo Button when playing these levels, as it will make the Seagulls Zombies faster, making it easier to miss your shots.



  • Cannons Away is the only Brain Buster in which the zombies do not target the player's house. Instead, they fly away after a while.
  • Cannons Away and Mummy Memory are the only Brain Busters that prohibit the player to use Power Ups or Plant Food.
  • No matter how many times players play this Brain Buster, there will always be coins rewarded as well as the money bag.
  • Cannons Away is the only mode with a score.
  • At the beginning of the level, it says "Ready... set... FIRE!," instead of "Ready... set... PLANT!"
  • If the player loses, the screen says, "Penny is not impressed with your score!" This still appears after the 1.7 update, despite the fact that these dialogues were removed in that update.
    • A brain does not appear, but if the player taps where the brain is supposed to be, he or she will still hear a squish.
    • Player's current score, and the target score of a level will display below the game over message and where the brain is situated.
    • These levels, Dark Ages - Night 12 when the Puff-shroom disappears, all Save Our Seeds levels if the zombies or a trap tile killed one of the endangered plants, and levels with normal objectives (only happens if they are not met or the player fails them) since the 1.7 update (other than the "Survive without planting on Dave's mold colonies" and "Never have more than X plants" on later updates) are the only levels with unique losing screens. However, for the objective that involves from not planting on mold colonies, the game over screen will only display when it was "Don't plant on Dave's mold colonies" objective.
  • If the player reaches a high enough combo, the message given along with the combo may be the following:
    • "M-M-M-MONSTER TACO!," a reference to Unreal Tournament's Monster Kill phrase.
    • "TOASTY!," a reference to the Mortal Kombat's Toasty! easter egg.
    • "Twiddydinkies!," a reference to Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies.
    • "AWESOME!"
    • "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!", with thirteen Os.
  • Many people use this Brain Buster for gold farming, as no matter what score players get, as long as it is over the target, they will receive an amount of coins greater than a money bag.
    • As of the 6.1.1 update, however, these levels now only give one silver coin upon victory.
  • These levels are some of the only Pirate Seas levels where there is no bridge between the two sides of the planks. The other ones are Pirate Seas - Day 22 and Pirate Seas - Day 31
  • Playing Cannons Away is the easiest way to complete quests which require defeating certain numbers of Seagull Zombies.

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