This article is about the I, Zombie level. You might be looking for the canceled mini-game with the same name.

Can You Dig It? is the third level of I, Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition. This is the first time that the player can use Digger Zombie.


Use basic Zombies to get rid of the Potato Mines and use Buckethead Zombies and Digger Zombies in lanes with heavy offense, but do not use them if you have not cleared out the Potato Mines in its lane. This is so because Potato Mines can kill them while even while Digger Zombies are underground. Additionally, do not use Digger Zombies in a row with Split Peas as they will die, wasting sun, though they can be used if the Split Pea is in the leftmost column.

Related achievements

9 Trphies.png
I, Win
Win all 9 I, Zombie trophies.
Think Hard.png
Think Hard
Earn a trophy in each Puzzle Mode.



  • The player can play this level before they know how Digger Zombies work, since they can quit Level 4-6 in the PC version or grind for coins using the first I, Zombie level on the iOS version to unlock this level.
  • There is also a canceled mini-game with the same name. It is a Day level, and the player's lawn is automatically full of Wall-nuts at the start, then they have to dig a few of them and fill the squares with Peashooters only that are received from the conveyor belt.
  • In the PC version, it is the last I, Zombie level that the player can play if they have not finished Adventure Mode.
  • The name of the level might come from the phrase of Cyrus from the movie "The Warriors." It could also reference Digger Zombie's function.
  • This is Split Pea's and Digger Zombie's first appearance in I, Zombie.


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