Can't-Miss-ile is an ability for the 80s Action Hero in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. When activated, 80s Action Hero launches homing rockets that will home in on a target that he has tagged or the nearest target if the aforementioned condition has not been reached.


Deploy homing rockets that track the nearest target if no lock-on targets are provided.


Basic stats
Cooldown Maximum lock-on targets Maximum homing distance Maximum projectile speed
9 s 4 90 m
(295.28 ft)
95 m/s
(311.68 ft/s)
Rate of fire Blast damage Blast radius Inner blast radius
550 RPM 10 (level 1)
25 (level 2)
1.5 m
(4.92 ft)
1.5 m
(4.92 ft)

Projectiles have the following properties:

  • Home perfectly.
  • Accelerate over time.
  • Requires tagging an enemy three times to deal full damage.
  • Tags are reset after firing.

Associated upgrades

Improved Tracking
Earn a tag on an enemy by dealing damage with Can't-Miss-ile.
Perk Damage
Super Payload
Fire two additional missiles with Can't-Miss-ile.


There are two ways to activate the homing for Can't-Miss-ile. The more simple way is to aim at the plants in which they'll home automatically. However, there is another way to track onto plants without aiming. When using the 80s Action Hero's Bow Blaster, everytime it hits a plant, it "tags" onto them. When a foe has three tags onto them, the rockets will lock on to them even if the 80s Action Hero does not aim well. Certain upgrades for the 80s Action Hero can also give plants tags as well. It’s ideal to gain 3 tags on several different enemies, best used with abilities, as these launch extra rockets.

In terms of usage, it's best used to finish off weakened foes as they will most certainly be hit by the missiles due to it's homing nature. Another usage is crowd control which can at least weaken a horde of plants and homing is nearly guaranteed to a massive crowd of plants.

Note that the homing of the rockets has a set distance, so use this ability at close range if you don’t have any tags on an enemy.

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