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Calm Chuck (pinyin: 淡定恰客 translation: Calm Chuck) was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Social Edition. He cost 75 sun. His ability was similar to Pumpkin.


Calm Chuck was based on the lollipop company Chupa Chups and its mascot "Chupa Chuck", with the orange barrier being based on Pumpkin and being in the shape of the Chupa Chups logo.



  • He was the last plant of the game to be unlocked.
  • He, Super Chomper, and Last Star were the only three plants in Social Edition to be sponsored by a product.
    • In Calm Chuck's case he is advertising Chupa Chups, a brand of lollipops.
    • Calm Chuck, Chester Chomper, and Chesterweed are the only promotional plants to be based on a company mascot.
  • Its almanac description references the film 2012.
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