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Caesar vs Salad - Level 3 is the third level of the Caesar vs Salad event in Penny's Pursuit. It takes place in Modern Day, and is very similar to Modern Day - Day 13. It has new objectives and zombie swaps, similar to other Penny's Pursuit levels. In addition to the zombie swaps, there are also some newly added zombies.


This is one of the easiest Penny's Pursuit levels in the game due to the lack of any unique zombies. Chicken Wrangler Zombies pose little to no threat, making you lose at least only 3 tiles at minimum.

Bonus Objectives

In Penny's Pursuit, levels have bonus objectives that can be completed to level up Penny Perks.

Mild Bonus Objective

  • Defeat 1500 Chickens

Spicy Bonus Objective

  • Defeat 2000 Chickens

Extra Hot Bonus Objective

  • Defeat 2500 Chickens


  • Stage 0 (0-24 matches): Chicken Wrangler Zombie2
  • Stage 1 (25-74 matches): Chicken Wrangler Zombie2
  • Stage 2 (75-124 matches): Chicken Wrangler Zombie2 Zombie Chicken2
  • Stage 3 (125-149 matches): Zombie Chicken2

Plant upgrades

Base Plant Upgrade 1 Cost Upgrade 2 Cost
Peashooter2 Fire Peashooter2 2000 sun
Repeater2 2000 sun Threepeater2 4000 sun
Wall-nut2 Tall-nut2 1000 sun
Endurian2 1000 sun
Cabbage-pult2 Pepper-pult2 2000 sun
Melon-pult2 2500 sun Winter Melon2 5000 sun
Puff-shroom2 Fume-shroom2 500 sun
Lightning Reed2 Laser Bean2 2000 sun Electric Blueberry2 4500 sun
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