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For the plant that the line is based on, see Cactus.

The Cactus line (仙人掌; pinyin: xiānrénzhǎng) is a Brave plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars .

The line consists of Ball Cactus (仙人球; pinyin: xiānrénqiú), Cactus (仙人掌; pinyin: xiānrénzhǎng), and Tree Cactus (仙人树; pinyin: xiānrénshù). Ball Cactus attacks zombies by lobbing cactus balls at them, Cactus attacks by firing spikes at zombies, and Tree Cactus attacks by by sending shockwaves at them.


All members of the Cactus line are based on members of the family Cactaceae, also known as cacti, waxy succulent plants which are covered in sharp spines to defend themselves from herbivores.

The second tier is based on the plant of the same name and appearance from previous installments of the franchise.

Almanac entry

Cactus Evo line


Tier Effect Description
Perception weakness
Shoots spike balls to an enemy which has the lowest health. Deals double the damage if the enemy is at 30% or lower health.
Weakness Detection
Shoots spikes at the enemy with the lowest health, and when that enemy's health is lower than 30%, the spikes do 2.5x more damage. It requires Brave Plant Food to activate.
Vulnerability scanning
Shoots the enemy with the lowest health. If that enemy's health is lower than 30%, it does triple damage.



Ball Cactus


Tree Cactus


  • This line is erroneously named "Cactus" instead of "Cactus line".
  • Despite being named Tree Cactus, it resembles more of a prickly pear cactus in a cloud than an actual tree cactus, which is a species of cactus in the genus Pilosocereus.
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