Butterhawk is Agent Corn's elite fighter plane in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.


A close glance at Butterhawk


The Butterhawk appears in Agent Corn's final mission, Zero Bark Thirty. In that mission, the player must fly the Butterhawk to provide air support and cover to protect Agent Corn as he delivers a Nuke Juice filled Tactical Cuke to the zombie base. Outside of that mission, she is found settled next to Agent Corn's base.

Primary weapon

Full Auto Kernels: A fully automatic weapon that fires highly damaging corn kernels at an incredibly fast rate, which also deal splash damage. Each shot does between 1-10 damage, depending on how far away the enemy was to the shot. It can be fired indefinitely, or at least for an extremely long time.

Corn Cob Cannon: A missile launcher that fires slow-moving corn cob projectiles. Shots from the cannon explode in a very large radius and also ignite enemies for extra damage over time. Each shot deals between 15-45 damage, depending on how far away the enemy was to the shot. It also deals 2 damage per second to enemies affected by the burn, which later decays to 1 damage per second. It can fire 3 rockets in quick succession before having to take a short cooldown.



  • She appears at several cameo appearances in the game outside the Zero Bark Thirty mission.
    • When Butter Barrage or Bigger Better Butter is used, two Butterhawks can be seen flying overhead for a short while in which will drop the butter.
    • In the tutorial where the player first plays Sunflower, a Butterhawk will fly to drop two huge corn cobs against a zombie ambush.
      • This is because the Butterhawks are also in charge of dropping projectiles such as corn and butter.
  • The Corn Cob Cannon could be a reference to the Cob Cannon.
  • The Butterhawks that appear when Butter Barrage or Bigger Better Butter is used is much smaller than the versions that appear anywhere else in game, as can be seen in the gallery.
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