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Bullhorn Swarm is an ability for the Engineer in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. When activated, Engineer deploys a group of megaphones that blocks an area and unburrows Chompers that are underground. The megaphones will give chase to any plants that get close to the area, each individual megaphone stunning the plant for a small amount of time. After a period of time has passed, the megaphones will eventually disappear.

Associated upgrades

Bullhorn SwarmBfN.png
Increased health of deployed Bullhorns.

Increases Bullhorn Swarm health by 150% (to 25 HP), heals Heavy Helper
Bullhorn SwarmBfN.png
Cover larger area with Bullhorn Swarm.

Increase Bullhorn Swarm area of effect to 11m (36.08 ft)



Although having different mechanics, the Bullhorn Swarm is almost basically a Sonic Grenade and Proximity Sonic Mine combines. It is possible for Bullhorn Swarm to fully stun a plant for about three seconds if all of the megaphones were to hit the same target at the same time, as the stun time adds up for every megaphone colliding with a plant. To make things better, if a megaphone gives chase to a plant, it won't stop until either it collides with a corner, wall, or the target. If a megaphone released from the blast chases a Night Cap who enters Shadow Sneak shortly after triggering that megaphone, it forces her out of Shadow Sneak, making her an eposed target. When using Bullhorn Swarm against a burrowing Chomper, be aware that ONLY the initail blast of the ability is able to unburrow it.


If you see an Engineer use Bullhorn Swarm, be ready to take massive amounts of damage, as if you are in the area of the swarm, you will be stunned for a while. It is best preferred to quickly hide behind a corner or wall if you see the Engineer delpoying Bullhron Swarm. If is possible to destroy the megaphones, but they are small and isn't best recommended, but after a while, the megaphones will automatically disappear, so its best to stick around.


  • The initail blast of the ability uses the same audio of the Sonic Grenade and Proximity Sonic Mine.
  • If a megaphone unleashed from the blast spreads out into a wall, it will disappear.

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