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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Bullets are projectiles fired by zombies in Sky City in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. They deal different numbers of damage to a single plant, depending on the type of bullet.

Bullet variants

Zombie Fighter's bullet

The most common version of bullet, these are fired by Zombie Fighters if they are not too heavily damaged. They move at one quarter of a second per tile and deal 50 damage to the plant or airship. Spinnapples can deflect these for 8 seconds.


Zombot Vulture Fighter's bullet barrage

Zombot Vulture Fighter's bullet

They are only found if the Zombot Vulture Fighter is in its third phase. Before the Zombot fires a barrage of those blue bullets, the screen will flash red to warn the player. These bullets deal 800 damage per shot. Unlike Zombie Fighter's bullets, they do not deal damage to the player's ship.

Air Raid-exclusive bullets


A Zombie Fighter shooting red bullets

Red bullet

Red bullets are the weakest and smallest,fastest move of all bullets in Air Raid. They are the only projectiles fired by Pilot Zombies and Conehead Pilot Zombies (except the second shot for the latter). Both shoot them in a straight line towards the left of the screen.

In the Easy Mode of Sky City - Day 8, the Zombie Fighter shoots 30 red bullets around it 20 times until resting for 3 seconds. Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie shoots 2 streams of red bullets from its guns towards the plant's direction.


A group of blue bullets

Blue bullets

They deal more damage than red bullets and are always shot to the plant's location and in a spread of twelve. Conehead Pilot Zombie only shoots blue bullets when it fires a second time. Buckethead Pilot Zombies however, only shoot blue bullets. Both Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie and Arbiter-X have the ability to occasionally fire two groups of blue bullets, twice.


A Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie shooting a pattern of yellow bullets

Yellow bullets

These bullets are the largest and deal the most damage out of all bullets. Only fired by bosses, these always go in specific patterns, each time forcing the player to find a gap between them to dodge.


  • The blue bullets in Air Raid use Homing Thistle' Plant Food projectiles' sprites.
  • The yellow bullets in Air Raid is similar to Pyro-shroom's projecttile in the first stage.
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