Broadside is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It requires the player to hit an Imp Cannon with a coconut from a Coconut Cannon. It is worth 10 points in Game Center for iOS devices and 1,000 XP on Android devices.


The word "broadside" means the side of a ship, the battery of cannon on one side of a warship, or their simultaneous (or near simultaneous) fire in naval warfare.


Use Coconut Cannon wisely when there is an Imp Cannon on your lane. Avoid putting it on the landing spot, or an Imp Pirate Zombie will eat it. Make sure no other zombies get in the way, so you can land a shot at the Imp Cannon. Try to avoid letting the Imp Cannon last long or it will explode.

The back lane is the best place to plant Coconut Cannons so they will not get eaten and is also the best place to fire on against an Imp Cannon is when it is still being wheeled out (provided no other zombies are in front of it). If you are frustrated with other zombies blocking your shot (including fired Imps), you can feed Plant Food on the Coconut Cannon to push all the zombies on the lane to defeat them all, including the Imp Cannon.

The best way to do this is once the Imp Cannon appears, blast it immediately, since the damage is sufficient to obliterate the Imp Cannon in one hit.


  • The icon seems to show a white beam coming out of Coconut Cannon's mouth, despite it not actually shooting white beams in game.
    • Since Coconut Cannon is based on a coconut, the beam is possibly the milk found inside of coconuts.

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