I'm Brick, zombie of action. If it's action-y and zombie-y, I'm in. *Cough-wheeze-GROSS-GURGLE*

Brick Fistmissile in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Brick Fistmissile is a character in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is an 80s Action Hero who got beat up by Brian, his #1 enemy. To get the Detonator for the Stink Bomb from him, the player needs to avenge Brick by defeating Brian.


Brinesport: License to Dill

Track Brick's Nemesis Brian to Get the Detonator

In a world overrun by a rude pickle named Brian who thinks he's SO cool, a zombie seeks revenge and the all-important DETONATOR! Is that zombie YOU?



  • Although he considers Brian his #1 enemy, Brian considers him his #671st enemy, tied with out-of-service escalators.
  • One set of dialogue after beating the quest reveals he named his weapon Lil' Bow-Bow.
    • He claims it was named after their first Battle Chest, yet there is no Battle Chest in the game with this name.
  • He states that he is afraid of plants, large bodies of water, small bodies of air, and the zombie un-infection.
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