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For the Brain Buster, see Bulb Bowling.

Bowling Bulb is the third plant obtained in Big Wave Beach in Plants vs. Zombies 2. They shoot every 2 - 2.25 seconds. They can roll up to three types of bulbs (one at a time) of varying damage and recharge rate. Their bulbs bounce between zombies, crossing lanes, similar to Wall-nuts in Wall-nut Bowling.

Before level 3, the order of the bulbs is aquamarine first, then blue, and finally orange. Bowling Bulb's attacks are only triggered by a zombie appearing in the same lane in which they are planted.

The aquamarine bulb is the weakest and has the shortest recharge time at level 1, while the orange one is the strongest and has the longest recharge time at level 1. However, the Bowling Bulb will only use their blue and orange bulb if enough time is given for them to recharge before a zombie enters the lane that it is in, except for submerged Snorkel Zombies which the plant will ignore and proceed to recharge their bulbs if they are the only zombies in the lane.



This plant's name is a portmanteau of "bowling ball," referring to their ability and the holes that it has, and "bulb," the part of some plants that might be edible. They're probably based on onion bulbs in which they have different size and colour.

Almanac entry

Bowling Bulb



RANGE: Multi-Hit
Special: Bulb Recharge

FAMILY: Appease-mint

Bowling Bulbs rolls shots that can bounce into multiple zombies.

Damage Details: larger bulbs do more damage

Guess which team has won the League Championship for five years running now? Team Bowling Bulb, that's who. They are on a ROLL. You and your pals think you got what it takes to stop 'em? Yeah sure. Keep dreamin, bub.


Aquamarine bulbs deal 40 damage per shot, blue bulbs deal 120 damage per shot, and orange bulbs deal 180 damage per shot.

At level 1 and 2, the priority order of bulb recharge is aquamarine > blue > orange. At level 3 to 6, the priority order changes to blue > orange > aquamarine. At level 7 and above, the priority order is orange > blue > aquamarine. The first bulb in the order takes 2.5 seconds to recharge, the second bulb in the order takes 5 seconds to recharge, and the last 10 seconds to recharge.


Plant Food effect

Plant Food ability (animated)

When given Plant Food, Bowling Bulb will get supercharged and armed with three explosive plasma bulbs. It will then proceed to rapidly fire them, unless there is no valid target in its lane. Each plasma bulb explodes on impact and deals 600 damage per shot to all zombies in a one tile area, and can also bounce like normal bulbs. After firing all three plasma bulbs, Bowling Bulb will regain all of its normal bulbs back. Jester Zombies cannot deflect these plasma bulbs, unlike the normal bulbs.

Appease-mint effect

When boosted by Appease-mint, Bowling Bulb will deal an additional 80/240/360 DPS with its small, medium, and large bulbs respectively, and it will regrow its bulbs in reverse order, starting with the largest bulb and finishing with the smallest bulb.

Level upgrades

Level Seed packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge
(Bulb Recharge)*
Aquamarine Blue Orange
1 0 0 200 5 seconds 300 dps 40 dps 120 dps 180 dps Aqua > Blue > Orange Multi-Hit
2 10 1,000 200 4.5 seconds 350 dps 45 dps 130 dps 200 dps
3 75 5,000 200 4.5 seconds 400 dps 50 dps 140 dps 220 dps Blue > Orange > Aqua
4 200 10,000 175 4.5 seconds 450 dps 55 dps 150 dps 240 dps
5 400 20,000 175 4 seconds 550 dps 60 dps 160 dps 260 dps
6 750 30,000 150 4 seconds 600 dps 65 dps 170 dps 280 dps
7 1,000 40,000 150 4 seconds 650 dps 70 dps 180 dps 300 dps Orange > Blue > Aqua
8 1,250 50,000 125 3.5 seconds 700 dps 75 dps 200 dps 320 dps
9 1,500 60,000 125 3.5 seconds 800 dps 80 dps 220 dps 340 dps
10 2,000 75,000 100 3 seconds 900 dps 80 dps 240 dps 360 dps

*Order of bulb recharge. Each bulb in the order takes 4 seconds to recharge.

Mastery upgrade

  • Chance to Boost
  • Damage Pierce

Level upgrades  (China only)

Level Upgrades Description
LevelIcon2New.png Bowling Bulb Upgrade 1.png
Speedy Growth
Has a 25% chance to recover the aquamarine and the blue bulbs together.
Combat Training
Bowling Bulb gains 50% more attack power and health (150% of initial).
LevelIcon3New.png Bowling Bulb Upgrade 2.png
Instant Recovery
Has a 40% chance to recover all the bulbs together.
Cell Activation
Bowling Bulb gains another 50% more attack power and health (200% of initial).
LevelIcon4New.png AbilityAwakendIcon.png
Ability Awaken
Bowling Bulb may be boosted when planted.
Fighting Power
Bowling Bulb gains another 50% more attack power and health (250% of initial).
LevelIcon5New.png Bowling Bulb Upgrade 3.png
Has a chance to form all 3 bulbs into one huge bulb which launches immediately then explodes on impact into 3 bulbs that continue rolling for a short range. The next bowling bulbs will always activate Speedy Growth or Instant Recovery.
Fighting Power
Bowling Bulb gains another 50% more attack power and health (300% of initial).

Costumed  (China only)

Any zombies that are in a 3x3 radius around it while is "charging" will be killed. Then, it will shoot out some projectiles: first, a fiery orange bulb which is the biggest and undoes slowing effects, then a white bulb that gives a slowing effect and has a medium size, and an electricity bulb which is the smallest compared to the other bulbs that stuns zombies.



At level 1 or 2 Bowling Bulb is rather weak and should generally be avoided, but it becomes a very solid attacker once it reaches level 3.

Bowling Bulb is an interesting plant, as its damage capability increases with zombie density, but works better when supported by other offensive plants. This means that while it will struggle early on against a lone Buckethead Zombie, Bowling Bulb can prove devastating against hordes of enemies at the end of the level. It can also last well into later Endless Zone levels, unlike many other projectile plants. Its Plant Food follows the same trend: it does not deal much damage to a lone Gargantuar but will be able to devastate a horde of them with little trouble.

Bowling Bulb is effective in defeating Penny's Pursuit Zomboss battles. The bulbs will almost always hit the boss, after bouncing through the horde of other zombies.

Bowling Bulb works very well with Primal Peashooter. While Primal Peashooters can stall a low number of zombies with high health such as Gargantuars, Bowling Bulbs can deal high damage to groups of zombies.

Due to Bowling Bulb's ability to bounce through zombies/obstacles and cross lanes, you can use it against zombies that can shield themselves such as Barrel Roller Zombie and Excavator Zombie as an advantage to help defeat other dangerous zombies such as Pirate Captain Zombie and Turquoise Skull Zombie. In addition, Bowling Bulb can be used early on in Ancient Egypt or Dark Ages to break a field of tombstones quickly, especially if the tombstones are in adjacent rows. Bowling Bulbs are also useful on minecart rails in Wild West, as you can move the Bowling Bulb into a lane clear of zombies so it can regenerate its stronger bulbs instead of firing the weakest one repeatedly.

Bowling Bulb is a great counter against Pianist Zombie as it can hit multiple dancing zombies, though it should be paired with Laser Bean, Fume-shroom, Snapdragon, Electric Peashooter, or Lightning Reed due to the risks of Chicken Wrangler Zombie. Bowling Bulbs also work very well against flying zombies such as Seagull Zombie, Jetpack Zombie, Bug Zombie, and Balloon Zombie as their attack can bounce through groups of them. Bowling Bulbs are also effective against Shield Zombie. The zombie cannot fully shield itself as the bulbs can cross lanes and damage it.

Bowling Bulb's Plant Food effect can be used to quickly get rid of frozen blocks and arcade machines pushed by Troglobites and Arcade Zombies respectively. In addition, Bowling Bulbs work very well at destroying groups of 8-Bit Zombies spawned from the arcade machine that may overwhelm your defenses.

Avoid using Bowling Bulbs against Chicken Wrangler Zombies or Weasel Hoarders when the Bowling Bulb has only the aquamarine bulb (unless you feed it Plant Food). This is because when these zombies release their flocks of Zombie Chickens or Ice Weasels, they will eat up your plants very quickly since the Bowling Bulb's firing time is quite slow.

Another zombie to not use it against is Jester Zombie, which can deflect the bulbs and have them bounce through your plants, dealing serious damage to the player's defense, especially if the Jester Zombie reflects the orange bulb. Do note, however, that it cannot deflect explosive bulbs back at your plants. Although Bowling Bulb cannot damage Snorkel Zombies when he is submerged, it can recharge its other bulbs so it can be ready to deal massive damage to them when they're on the surface.

Bowling Bulb's main weakness is its bulb recharge. Initially, the aquamarine bulb recharges first. Being the weakest bulb, it will not do much damage against the zombie horde, especially in worlds such as Jurassic Marsh or Big Wave Beach. Most levels will constantly spawn zombies in every lane, making it difficult for Bowling Bulbs to recharge their bulbs efficiently.

Garlic, Sweet Potato, and Escape Root can help Bowling Bulb, as they allow zombies to move away from it, or allow Bowling Bulb to move itself, giving it time to recharge its bulbs. However, this weakness can be ultimately rectified by leveling up Bowling Bulb, as its bulb order will change at certain levels. Once the bulb order changes, Bowling Bulb can easily take down high-health zombies while gaining much more crowd control ability.

Additional plants that can be used in tandem with Bowling Bulb are the vine plants. Blastberry Vine can assist in weakening zombies or otherwise defeat an entire row of them, due to his ability to strike up to five targets in a lane, allowing Bowling Bulb to recharge its bulbs, especially the higher-damaging ones. Pyre Vines, especially higher leveled ones, can be used to deal with zombies that are too close to Bowling Bulb while it is recharging, or to deal with threatening amounts of Zombie Chickens due to Pyre Vines' ability to continuously deal damage to infinite amounts of zombies provided that they are within their range, with an additional benefit of providing the Bowling Bulb with immunity to frost. Pumpkin is useful for protecting Bowling Bulb while it is recharging its bulbs. Shine Vine can be used to strategically stun a single zombie into place if plants like Solar Tomato stun in too large quantities (i.e. a zombie in another lane that can be defeated by a ricocheting bulb but is protected by another zombie in the way). Explode-o-Vine can knock back several zombies in another strategic manner, destroy powerful threats that Bowling Bulb recharges too slow against, or otherwise grant last-ditch protection to Bowling Bulb. Gloom Vine can reinforce areas directly above or below Bowling Bulb, or to otherwise weaken zombies that get too close so that Bowling Bulb can finish them off. Pea Vine provides Bowling Bulb with a damage boost due to both of them sharing a family. Power Vine's rapid-fire nature can be utilized to tear through zombies to allow bulbs to hit a certain zombie, or to otherwise destroy fast targets.

It is a good idea to use Bowling Bulb against Tomb Raiser Zombies, Disco-tron 3000, Octo Zombies, Hunter Zombies or Imp Porters (if it has all three bulbs) as a group of them can quickly destroy any tombstones, summoned Disco Jetpack Zombies, frozen blocks, tents or thrown octopi with their bouncing shots, preventing major threats (especially in Imp Porter's case), as well as deal some damage to these zombies if the bulbs do manage to hit them. It is best to support this plant with heavy-duty plants like Winter Melon or area-of-effect plants like Laser Bean so they can perform a combo to groups of these zombies.

Bulb Bowling

In the Brain Buster Bulb Bowling, you must use the four types of Bowling Bulbs against the incoming zombies (like in Wall-nut Bowling in the original Plants vs. Zombies). Save the charged and orange bulbs for dangerous zombies (Surfer Zombies and Deep Sea Gargantuars) to deal more damage. Use the weaker bulbs for everything else.

Related achievements

Ten Pin Kapow.png
Ten Pin Kapow
Defeat ten zombies with a a single bulb from Bowling Bulb.


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In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Bowling Bulb
China Simplified Chinese 保龄泡泡 lit. "Bowling Bubble"
France French Bulbe de bowling
Germany German Bowlingknolle
Italy Italian Bulbo da bowling
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Bulboliche
Spain Spanish Bulbo de bolera


  • If the player feeds Plant Food on a Bowling Bulb and there are no zombies in that lane, the Bowling Bulb will wait until a zombie appears in that lane. This is similar to how Citron acts, as it will hold the plasma ball until zombies appear in its lane.
  • Their facial features resemble the three holes in a bowling ball.
  • When Bowling Bulbs are used in Pirate Seas and Big Wave Beach, they will cross directly over a path of water rather than falling in.
  • Bowling Bulbs are physically connected to the soil but still can be planted on Lily Pads. It shares this same attribute with Spikeweeds, Spikerocks, Sweet Potato and Phat Beets.
  • Although they are buried in the ground, they can still be planted on planks in Pirate Seas.
  • Bulbs normally cannot damage submerged Snorkel Zombies, but energized bulbs can damage them via splash damage, and all bulb types can damage submerged Snorkel Zombies in Bulb Bowling levels.
  • When Plant Food is given to a Bowling Bulb, the explosive projectiles are about the same size as the aquamarine bulb, even though each bulb normally has a different size.
  • The aquamarine bulb shares the same idle animation with Magic-shroom and Sun Bean.
  • When a bulb recharges, its idle animation will reset in a non-smooth animation. This is likely an oversight.
  • Before 7.1.1, Bowling Bulb was in the Enforce-mint family despite not using a melee attack.
  • In its Arena icon, the aquamarine bulb appears more green.
  • Prior to version 2.5.6 of the Chinese version, level 5 ability shots had a bigger priority than Plant Food ability shots, delaying the latter.
  • It, Rotobaga and Red Stinger have the similarities as below:
    • They are the only world plants whose projectiles are not peas among the Appease-mint family plants.
    • Their maximum levels are all 10.

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