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Bounty Hunts are a new feature made available in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. Three of them can be found in each free-roam region. (Technically 6 in Town Center; 3 for plants and 3 for zombies.) Bounty Hunts have their own icons on the map and are easily recognized by a glowing bundle of trunks and hunting equipment. As soon as you start a bounty hunt, you will have a limited amount of time to destroy one or more enemies that spawn. Each of said enemies has different abilities. A full list of them can be found here. As of the December 2019 patch, you must wait 15 seconds after completing or failing a Bounty Hunt before attempting it again. In order to start a bounty Hunt, you must have the region's Hunting Permit, which can be obtained from talking to Air Ron or Bart Barian.

List of Bounty Hunts

Here is a list of every Bounty Hunt that can be played:
When playing as plants in Town Center 72px 72px 72px
in Mount Steep ZombombBfN.png 72px GargantuarBfN.png
When playing as zombies in Town Center Bitey BrothersBfN.png Mirror-ShroomBfN.png Tiger KlausBfN.png
in Weirding Woods QueenigmaBfN.png Solar SistersBfN.png Wild BunchBfN.png

Balancing changes

In the November 2019 patch, PopCap reduced the rewards for subsequent completions of Bounty Hunt as an unlisted change, so the game will only reward the player 1/10th of the rewards (50 XP and 500 coins instead of 500 XP and 5,000 coins) and no longer reward them tacos/marshmallows/sheriff badges. This was likely done in order to discourage farming strategies to easily gain XP, coins, and prize bulbs such as Bitey Brothers or Solar Sisters.

Bounty Hunts were nerfed further in the December 2019 patch, which added a 15-second cooldown timer after each Bounty Hunt attempts, in order to further curb the amount of players who attempt to use Bounty Hunts as a farming method, particularly the Tiger Klaus bounty hunt.

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