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Boss Vase is the third and final Vasebreaker level of Player's House in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Gargantuar and the Imp are first introduced here. There are 30 vases. The purple one contains the Vase Gargantuar and one of the brown vases contains a Plant Food. When this level is finished for the first time, the player unlocks the Reveal Vase, a new Power Up that can only be used in Vasebreaker and Vasebreaker Endless.


  • This level is harder, due to it having more zombies than the previous ones. But with the purple vase that always contains a Vase Gargantuar, this level is easier than the first game. This notifies the player where the Vase Gargantuar will be.


  • Break the vases from the rightmost column to get a few Repeaters.
  • Two Potato Mines here should be put on the lane that has the purple vase.
  • If you get a Plant Food, save it until you are in danger. If you used it before the Gargantuar was unleashed, use the two Potato Mines on it. If you do not have those either, it is recommended to reset the level.
  • Only break the purple vase when the lawn runs out of vases. The purple vase always contains a Vase Gargantuar, use the Plant Food to defeat it.



  • It is possible to see the regular Imp through this level, even before traveling to Modern Day or playing a Piñata Party with Imp.



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