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This game mode is not always available to be played in-game. It is only available sometimes. It is currently not available.
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Boss Turf Takeover is a Weekly Event game mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It is a variant of Turf Takeover where boss chests will spawn over time, which when opponent will summon a boss.


This game mode functions identically to Turf Takeover, but with a twist. Every time the capture bar fills up to one third of the total amount needed to capture an objective, a boss chest will spawn in a predetermined spot on the map. The chest will not be able to be opened for approximately 15 seconds. Once that time is up, players can attempt to open it by holding down the applicable button for about 10 seconds. Letting go of the button will reset this timer. Once that is complete, a random AI boss will spawn for the team that opened the chest.

Unlike the regular Turf Takeover, Preserve Pastures and Tourist Trap Island can't be played in this mode.


8v8 Turf Takeover where teams not only battle over turf, but also compete for the Boss Chest to spawn an AI boss for their cause!

Weekly challenges

The weekly challenges for this event are as follows:

  1. Open a Boss Chest (1x)
  2. Vanquish a Boss (1x)
  3. Win Matches (5x)


The strategies for this mode is similar to a regular Turf Takeover. However, with the presence of boss chests, it's recommended that you and your allies also try to open it as the boss serves as a good distraction for the enemies and can halt the opposing team's progress if they reach the objective as it will become contested, and thanks to its high health, it will be difficult for the enemies to kill it. However, do not prioritize the boss chest! The game mode is still Turf takeover, so if you're attacking, make sure to attack,a nd if you're defending, defend! Don't have your entire team rush off to get the boss chest.

Be careful that the opposing team will usually also try to open the boss chest, so try to have your teammates cover the person who will open the boss chest.

Opening a boss chest

It can be very difficult to open a boss chest—the first weekly challenge in this game—due to the fact that only one player can complete it at a time and also the possibility of enemies killing you in the middle of opening it.

A trick to complete this challenge is to find an almost empty lobby that consists of only 2v2 to 4v4 players, as having a full 8v8 lobby means that you only have roughly 1/16 chance of being able to open it, while a lobby with fewer players increases that chance.

Use Citron's Peel Shield or All-Star's Dummy Shield to protect yourself from enemies that might try to attack you in the process, and try to open it with the shield active. You should be able to open it much more easily this way.

Winning matches

Winning five matches can be a pain sometimes. However, there are some tips you can try in order to win easier:

  • It doesn't matters that your team has low ranks and the enemy has high ranks, is posible that high ranks won't play very good and it can be that the lowers play better.
  • On an emptier lobby with 1-8 players and the rest of them being AIs, it can be much easier if you play as the defending team, as the AI usually won't be able to complete the final objective very well as they're very predictable. This means that defending the objective would be much easier.


  • After the May 2020 patch was released, which added AI backfilling to PvP matches, the game will add some more AI players to populate all 24 player slots since June 16, 2020, despite this mode only supporting 8v8. This means that in a full lobby with 16 players, the game will still add eight AI players anyway.
  • If the same team opens the boss chest twice in a row, and the previously spawned boss hasn't been killed yet, the game will despawn that boss while spawning the new one. This is likely done to prevent the game from becoming too difficult for the opposing team.
  • If the attacking team captures the objective while the boss chest has yet to be opened, the boss chest will despawn, even when a player is attempting to open it.
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