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Boss Mode is a playable class in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for both the plants and the zombies. It works very differently from the other classes as it is not an actual character that does combat or support up front in the battlefield, but rather, it is a flying vehicle up in the air. The point of view is also very different, as every plant and zombie present on the field can be seen through a birds-eye view of the map. The Boss Mode aircraft can deploy spotting, healing and reviving stations, along with an airstrike. The Boss Mode aircraft also has the highest health in the game among the playable classes; with a total of 2000 health. To gather up the resources to do actions, the player must gather sun or brains (dependent on which side Boss Mode is played in). The sun and brains fall from the screen at determined intervals and must be picked up with a cursor that works with the Kinect Sensor. Due to the power of the class, only one player can be Boss Mode in a team.

When an ability (except for the Airstrike) is deployed, it will be airdropped to the ground in a container (a wooden shipping crate for the Plants and a metal box for the Zombies). The container shatters on impact with the ground.

When damaged, the Boss Mode aircraft will (if unhurt for some time) begin to regenerate health at a rate of 20 health every second until all health is restored.

Boss Mode is available on all versions of the game except Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Xbox One variation is compatible with both the Kinect and SmartGlass apps.

Boss Mode does not return in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.[1]


  1. Spotting: Lets your allies see what enemies are near the spotting machine. It can be destroyed and costs 75 sun/brains to deploy.
  2. Heal: Lets you heal your team. It can be destroyed and costs 100 sun/brains to deploy.
  3. Airstrike: Lets you call in an airstrike similar to the Zombot/Garlic Drones Airstrikes. It costs 250 sun/brains to deploy and cannot be prevented.
  4. Resurrect: Lets you revive all vanquished allies near the station. It can be destroyed and costs 250 sun/brains to deploy.


When the Boss Mode aircraft is damaged, it will progressively start to show signs of varying degrees of damage before it explodes.

First degrade (1800-1200 HP)

The Boss Mode Aircraft will begin slightly to emit black smoke.

Second degrade (1200-600 HP)

The Boss Mode Aircraft will now start emitting a lot of smoke, leaving a clearly visible black smoke trail behind itself. It also gains dents and holes on its hull but this is hard to see.

Third degrade (600-0 HP)

The Boss Mode Aircraft will visibly seem to catch fire, suggesting that the damage sustained is severe enough to cause fires on board.



  • This class marks the first and currently only time Dr. Zomboss and Crazy Dave are playable, albeit indirectly.
  • If a team manages to destroy the opposing team's Boss Mode aircraft, the player who used Boss Mode will be sent back to the character selection screen and the Boss Mode choice for that team will be disabled for 30 seconds.
  • While a player is being revived by a Boss Mode player it will say they are being revived by Crazy Dave or Dr. Zomboss depending on which team they are on.
  • Destroying Crazy Dave/Dr. Zomboss aircraft is one of the scores that gives all players on the same team coins, others are the Good Try Bonus for plants, destroying Tallnut Cannons, Corn Mortars or Flax Cannons and Capturing Gardens as zombies.
  • Crazy Dave's RV has a visible pot on its top.
  • There's a couple of picture mistakes in the Stickerbook descriptions.
    • The Revive Rainbow picture for Crazy Dave is actually what the Reviving Brainz BBQ is in-game.
    • The Twin Heal Flower picture for Crazy Dave is a recolored Zomboss Healing station while in-game it is the Twin Sunflower from Plants vs. Zombies 2.
    • The Coconut Spotting Station does not have sonic waves coming out of it, has a different background and has an orange glow instead of a blue glow.
    • The Cherry Strike has a different background and is facing differently.
    • The Superb Zomboss Radar looks different that what it is in-game, but instead looks like when it is placed in the map.
    • The Reviving Brainz BBQ is different in-game.
    • The Cone Strike photo is a bunch of cones instead of a bunch of fireballs.
    • This makes the Zomboss Healing Station photo the same both-in game and the stickerbook.
  • Originally, the Zombie Boss Mode had the ability to spawn hordes of AI Zombies and heal players with brains. However, for reasons unknown both abilities were cut from the final game.
    • This is because Boss Mode cannot deploy any Spawnable Plants or Zombies in any way.
    • The healing ability though, is partially true in the way that Boss Mode can deploy Heal Stations.
    • The reason healing with brains (and most likely sun) was scrapped is because it would beat the purpose of The Twin Heal Flower and Zomboss Healing Station and it was not shown how console players would do it as zomboss healed his zombies in brains with the mobile tablet.