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Boom Tombs is the fifth quest given to the player by Dave-bot 3000. When the quest is completed, the player receives 5,000 coins, and the player obtains the achievement Just Sprouted.

Mission description

"We need to launch our offensive against the Zombies and keep them out of the neighbourhood."


Using the Craaazy Fireworks obtained in the previous mission, Dave-bot 3000 instructs the player to blow up three tombstones. In the beginning of the quest, the player will be placed to the left of the plant base. The player then needs to proceed to each tombstone in turn and place the fireworks on each one while fighting off the zombies that the tombstones produce.

The player will then need to enter a cannon that will launch him or her to the zombie base. Fireworks will also need to be put down in the zombie base, once beside the Multiplayer Portal, once in front of the Quest Board and once behind the Graveyard Ops airship. After the fireworks go off, a Disco Zombie will spawn in front of the multiplayer portal, which will need to be defeated. Successfully defeating the Disco Zombie completes the quest, allowing the player to receive the reward.


The three tombstones are quite easy to find, but the zombies they spawn can be quite a nuisance. Take the zombies out and keep going. The second tombstone will have a Goalie Star and a Hockey Star next to it, but will only attack the player if they shoot them first, making them easy to slip by. The third tombstone has a Park Ranger guarding it, which should be of top priority to take out.

As the Disco Zombie is only accompanied by a few Backup Dancers, there should not be too much trouble taking him out. Vanquish the Backup Dancers first, then go to town on the Disco Zombie.

Plant choice

Peashooters are the best choice for this mission, as their crowd control capabilities with the Chili Bean Bomb and the high damage output of the Pea Gatling make taking out both the hordes and the Disco Zombie extremely easy. Kernel Corn can also be a viable alternative with the Butter Barrage and Shuck Shot respectively, having the same role as the above mentioned Chili Bean Bomb and Pea Gatling.

Other classes can also work, but will most likely be less efficient that the aforementioned two. However, Chompers are not recommended as the Disco Zombie can be very difficult to kill at close range, not to mention his spinning attack will cause many problems for the player.

Related achievement

Just Sprouted PSN
Just Sprouted
Complete 'Boom Tombs'.

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