Boney Island

Boney Island is a map in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It is based on a rocky desert island where there are large rocks, canyons and bones lying around, as well as prehistoric artifacts and dinosaur skeletons. There is a cavepeople village and in the center of the map is a large volcano. Near the Plants spawn location in Team Vanquish is a jungle with a waterfall and carvings in stone that look like Zombies.


Its name is a portmanteau of Coney Island, a real-life island in Brooklyn, and the word "bone."

Game modes in which it appears


Boney Island mysteriously attracts all that is lost. Ships, aircraft... even time itself. Chances are, if you are lost, you are here!

Golden Gnome Locations

One of the Gnomes is located near the Zombies spawn location, which is on the beach near a mountain with a dinosaur skeleton. To obtain the Gnome, you must travel towards the water, then walk on a small strip of sand next to a cliff. Be careful not to fall in the water. If you travel far enough, then you will find a Golden Gnome in a crevasse on the cliff side. For the second Gnome, spawn as a plant and travel to the left from where you spawn in the jungle until you reach a waterfall at the end of the map on the left side. Then look closely on one of the large rocks near the waterfall. You should find a Mushroom Button. Shoot it, and then the Golden Gnome will appear on the fence in front of the waterfall.


  • If the player listens closely, he or she can hear the roar of dinosaurs.
    • Notably, there are two calls, one is possibly that of a Pterodactyl, and the other is possibly the roar of a T-Rex.
  • Its description may be a reference to the Bermuda Triangle, an infamous location that is the site of many mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft.
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