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Bomby Dearest is a bounty zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and can be found in Mount Steep, more specifically in the Rocky Flats. He is a Zombomb who cannot be destroyed until the 15 zombies accompanying him are destroyed.

The zombies spawn in groups of five, and range from Browncoats to champion Foot Soldiers. A message at the top-right supports this, saying Dearest Goes Last. If he is touched or hit, the bounty is failed.

His plant counterpart is the Wild Bunch.


Since Bomby Dearest cannot be harmed or touched, characters that have more splash damage can be helpful in this scenario. In the first wave easy zombies will appear and you must vanquish all of them and if you get close to dearest he will go away. The zombies will get harder and more challenging, until, finally, you can destroy Bomby Dearest.


Defeating him unlocks the Dear Bomby Dearest medal in Mount Steep.


His name is based on the 1981 biographical drama film Mommie Dearest.


Because Bomby Dearest is located near a truck, one strategy is to play as Peashooter and use Pea Suped to jump on top of it, offering your protection from many of the zombies' attacks. However, be aware that Bomby Dearest will follow you, and if he gets too close, he will explode, causing you to lose the bounty hunt.


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