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For the plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that the line is based on, see Cherry Bomb.

The Bomb line (炸弹系; pinyin: zhàdàn xì) is a Tenacious plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.

The line consists of Cherry Bomb (樱桃炸弹; pinyin: yīngtáo zhàdàn), Saturn Peach Bomb (蟠桃炸弹; pinyin: pántáo zhàdàn), and Walnut Bomb (核桃炸弹; pinyin: hétáo zhàdàn). They all attack zombies by headbutting them when they get near.


The first tier in the Bomb line in based on Cherry Bomb from Plants vs. Zombies 2, who in turn is based on a Cherry.

Saturn Peach Bomb is based on the Prunus persica var. platycarpa, also known as the Saturn Peach or Donut Peach.

Walnut Bomb is based on the Walnut seed, with its "brain" being based on the kernel of a walnut, with visually resembles a brain.

In Chinese, Walnut Bomb's name contains a pun, as the in 核桃, "walnut", can be translated to "core/nuclear" (as the edible part of a walnut is in its core), and the Chinese word for nuclear bomb is 弹, hence its explosive abilities and its original design's resemblance to a nuclear warhead.

The reasoning behind this odd evolution line is because the Chinese names for, cherry (樱), Saturn Peach (蟠) and Walnut (核), all end in "桃" (lit. "peach").


Cherry Bomb evolves into Saturn Peach Bomb, and further evolves into Walnut Bomb.

Plant Food + Anger Effect

Tier Effect Description
Air Mine Trap-explosion
Rushes to the first enemy in its lane and explodes in 3x3 area. Needs Tenacious Plant Food to activate.
Aerial Huge-explosion
Rushes to the first enemy in its lane and explodes twice in a 3x3 area. Requires Tenacious Plant Food to activate.
Destruction Giant-explosion
Explodes and deals damage to all enemies on-screen with a "SPUDOW!" explosion. Requires Tenacious Plant Food to activate.




  • Walnut Bomb's explosion is a "SPUDOW!" shown laterally inverted even though this expression is associated with the Potato Mine.
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