Pinkgirl234 wrote:

YammaYamer21 wrote:

Have you heard of highlighted threads? We’re kinda talking through one right now...

Depending on the topics the highlighted threads touch on, not everyone will participate in the discussion or the voting of the thread. Out of all the thousands of users who have joined this wiki (not counting the alt accounts, the sockpuppets and the bots), the number of users who partake in highlighted threads or important discussions barely reach the half or probably even the fourth of this wiki's user population.

They had the option to, though, which is all that matters. If everyone sees it (which they do) but only so many people come to comment, then it's safe to assume only those people have opinions they want heard. It's like saying US office representatives aren't chosen fairly because the amount of people who voted over the amount of people who are eligible to vote is very small.

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