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VeXJL wrote: So, just a question, when a change is implemented and agreed between the staff members, how will it be announced?

I mean, it's kinda bad to leave a user not updated on a change of the rules...

Also, will former staff members be treated as regular users? (i'm talking about the rule in which former staff members can get their rights back after x amount of days being active-ish aka the most easily abused one)

That rule needs a rewrite and I think we should announce it as soon as it is implemented to keep users up to date and get feedback on it. After all, staff are definitely not perfect as some on the opposing side have said and they are correct in that regard.
Oooorrrrrr.... Have a discussion on a major change BEFORE the change is implemented. Sure, the voting system's removed, but non-staff members can still give they're opinion on that change. Remeber, regardless of their power, regular users outnumber staff members by a sh*tload; at least 1 to 5. 
Indeed, but not every user is 100% to the point on votes, not every user pays full attention to what votes are about, and not every user should be trusted with the power of voting.

Otherwise, imagine the kind of things you'd see running around... The 25 MS edit cost actually blocks a chunk of users that, most likely, wouldn't contribute at all.

Staff ""taking over"" is merely so they aren't at the mercy of depending on large numbers just to do a few changes, specially ones that, while not ideal in the mind of an user, may be the most optimal way of handling certain things for Staff themselves.

Key words: not every​.

Just because there are some of us that aren't good policy makers doesn't mean those of us that are but aren't staff should be ignored. They still won't be dependent on us, but they can use ideas or feedback from the community that actually have some value and make good changes that wouldn't be possible either in the old system or this system if it doesn't give us discussion threads.

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