*The plants are standing in front of an alley and Blover is just next to it*

Blover: What should we do now? The who-AAAAA! *gets pulled in the alley* HALP!

Laser Bean: Blover! *chases Blover*

*All others chase the plant who is dragging Blover with him/her*

Blover: HEELLLLPPPPpp *voice fades away*

Laser Bean: We've lost him!

Moonstar: We can't greive now.. He's gone! 

Magnet-shroom: And I sense a Zombot coming!

Laser Bean: Come on! Let's go!


To those playing this roleplay and wondering what happened to Blover, fear not! He's still alive, and is thought to be dead till he saves all the other plants (who are now trapped and all of their powers are gone) from being smashed by a Giga-giga Gargantuar!

So, DON'T use Blover till the above happens!

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