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Greetings wiki viewers. Welcome to the Reporting Thread. This is where we consolidate all the reports you have made here for easy viewing. Please note that this is a serious thread so the following rules MUST be followed if you are going to be posting something on this thread. Failure to follow will result in you be given a warning and/or a block.

  • Be specific. You must at least indicate who you want to report and the reasoning for the report.
    • Example of a good report: "I want to report Baldi696969 for non-stop harassment of xxxUndertaleFan100xxx."
    • Example of a bad report: "I'm being harassed."
  • All screenshots MUST be truthful and not fabricated. (swear words are tolerated as of Thread:1158883.) However, if it possible, instead link us to where the issue is so we can see it for ourselves.
  • Please do not just report anyone in the wiki. They might actually be complying with the wiki rules. If you are not sure, message the staff members to check on them.
  • Refrain from derailing this thread. It won't be pretty if you do so and everyone involved in the derailing will be given a warning.
  • If no one replies to this thread in the past seven days, you may post a reply to keep it alive. All other bump replies will be removed.
  • Keep this thread civil. Discussions are permitted but any childish behaviors will not be tolerated.
  • Be mature. If you are going to act like a baby here, then you better not reply to this thread.
  • Listen to the staff members here. Refusal to listen to them (unless justifiable) can and will result in a warning.
  • Not as serious but just as important: but please double-check your report before submitting it here. A silly typo will cost extra time.

To Discussion moderators and sysops, keep an eye out on this thread, if you are following it. Be ready to remove any rule-violating replies or content that will be posted in this thread.

Thank you and have a nice day. Let us all help each other in maintaining peace and order in this wiki.

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