CWJ-D wrote:
DatDramaPlant wrote:
CWJ-D wrote:
DatDramaPlant wrote:
CWJ-D wrote:
Name: Impfant

Class: Beastly

Tribe: Imp Zombie

Cost: 3

Stats: 1/3

Traits: None

Ability: End of turn: If there aren't any Zombies here or next door, all Plants here and next door get -2/-2.

Set - Rarity: Fandom - Uncommon

Small and annoying, just like an Imp. Wait. He IS an Imp.

"Holy smokes -2/-2 for all Plants here and next door that is OP as fuuuuuuuuu-"

But you would have to leave two lanes open.

You mean if there aren't any other zombies here and next door, right?
Yes, other.

For example, if Impfant is on lane 3, there shouldn't be a zombie on lanes 2, 3, and 4. It's like a reverse Quasar Wizard.

So... why does the card description say if there aren't any zombies at all?

Z X  I X Z

(I = Impfant, X = Spaces required to be empty for Impfant's ability to activate)

"Honestly CWJ-D this is a waste of time. Clearly these two are idjits as they can't understand this really simple sentence"

But me nice person!

So fix the card description and make it say "other zombies here and next door"...

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