LordHelix990 wrote: Tacosaurus(A Stegosaurus with a taco for a body)

Corn Animal Plant

Class: Guardian

5-cost 5/7


Armored 1

Dino-Roar: Do 2 damage to a Zombie here. If the Zombie is not destroyed, move it. When played: Draw a card.

Rivals with the Pizziosaur.

I’m sure at least 50% of the other... things... I haven’t commented on deserve destruction more, but I’ll break this.

WAY too OP. 5/7 Armored 1 is not justifiable as a 5-cost no matter what, especially on a Dino-Roar card that activates itself when played. Also, that Dino-Roar is really bad for a Dino-Roar since it can’t work twice in practically all situations and is arguably highly out-of-class, this creature is certainly not a Plant, and Tacos in this game have a Healing association, not whatever this thinghas.

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