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MicoLazaro23 wrote:
More ideas, because I want to.
Mushroom Plant
2 Sun

2 Str/3 Hp
Team-Up. When there is a zombie here, its Str becomes 0 and gains +2 Hp. When there are no zombies here: retain initial Str and get +1 Str and do a Bonus Attack.
Desc: "Wake me up when October ends."

Flower Plant
3 Sun
2 Str/3 Hp
Anti-hero 3. When played: Move a zombie. When a Plant is Destroyed: this gains +1 Str.
Desc: Mourning at Chinese funerals since the 1800's.

Bansee is more of a mess: Anti-Hero is Kabloom's specialty, moving zombies is Mega-Grow, and as for the plant being would fit more was a Kabloom plant.

Name: Electric Snare

Class: Solar

Tribe: Stem Trick

Cost: 5

Abilities: Destroy a Zombie with 5 Strength or less. You get +1 Sun for the next three turns.

Set: Event

Electric Snare, bzzt bzzt! Poison Grass, cough cough! Torn apart like a paper plane in a Hurri-Cane! The Zombies' un-lives are on the line!

Unfortunately, I don't think I have the space to make Poison Grass and Hurri-Cane, because my plan is to make 7 event cards per class. I could try, though.

That’s what you’re worried about? The thing completely overshadows Poison Ivy, and it’s not really an underwhelming card.

3 turns? Isn’t that a bit much?

Just make them and post them here if you don’t want isn’t in your set.

Anyways, some treats since I’ve been gone a while...

??? - Uncommon Mecha-Melon

Cost: 3

Class: Smarty

Stats: 0/7

Tribe(s): Fruit Plant

Trait(s): Amphibious

Ability: Plant Evolution: This gains +4 Strength.

I’m unsure on this machine’s balance, so feedback is appreciated.

??? - Rare Super Fan Imp

Cost: 3

Class: Crazy

Stats: 3/1

Tribe(s): Sports Imp Zombie

Ability: When destroyed: Deal 3 damage to Plants here.

Basically a variant on Exploding Imp that focuses on more guaranteed anti-Plant value at the cost of Gravestone protection and burst Hero damage and Rock Wall + Medic abuse.

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