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Corporate Vulture


Professional Pet Zombie

4 cost, 3/4


When a Professional damages the Plant Hero, this gets +1 strength

Master Thief


Professional Pirate Zombie

5 cost, 5/3


When this hurts the Plant Hero, steal a section of their block meter

Zomburbia Enclave


4 cost

Zombies here get +1 strength and do double damage

What did someone say a few posts ago? Rarities. Thank you very much.
That's not important at all unless it's Legendary (and even then arguably not) but OK.
K, then I'll see all of them as uncommons. Man, these uncommons are too OP.

Name: Cosmic Pirate

Class: Sneaky

Tribe: Pirate Zombie

Cost: 3

Stats: 2/2

Trait: Amphibious

Ability: When played: Conjure a Pirate, and it gets Amphibious.

Set - Rarity: Fandom - Rare

"If we Pirates rule the seas, why don't we actually go in them?"

Name: Super Swimming Freak

Class: Sneaky

Tribes: Ultimate Sports Zombie

Cost: 3

Stats: 3/3

Trait: Amphibious

Abilities: When another Amphibious Zombie is hurt, all Amphibious Zombies get +1 Health. When played: A Zombie gets Amphibious and moves to the Water.

Set: Event

Try as they might, the Zombies couldn't convince her that donut-stroke is a fictional stroke.

Only Master Thief might require a decent rarity to balance, although even then I'd say not really. The rest are fine at just about any rarity. Plus, the abilities of a card should allow one to intuit roughly how hight their rarity is, if that really matters.

Too situational. Amphibious isn't that strong of a Trait, and one shouldn't increase a card's cost by much because of synergy (which I see you're clearly making) unless it was already borderline.

Seems... decently balanced. Not very Sneaky though.

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