Draggon753 wrote:
IAmPlayer wrote:
Plantsvszombieslover123456 wrote:
Ok, my turn


Fruit Trick

5 sun



Do 5 damage to a Zombie. If played on Ground, make Jalapeño Trail instead

Jalapeño Trail

Fruit Environment

2 sun



Before Combat here: Do 7 damage to the zombie here.

Jalapeno trail is OP. It can't do 7 damage for just 2 sun. Well, if it's 2, then do 2. Because this means, this environment is conjurable because of having a tribe.
Exploding fruitcake does 7 damage for 2 brains, so what you be talking 'bout?

And it gives the enemy a card ffs. A Fruit card, to be specific, which has a decent chance to be a DMD knowing the amount of Fruit plants in the game.

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