Lily8763cp wrote:
TheGollddMAN wrote:
I have an idea for a new EXCLUSIVE gemium plant:Shuricane (pun on Shuriken and Sugarcane)

Recharge: Fast

Damage: Huge (we haven't had a plant that deals huge damage for a while)

Sun cost: 375 ('cause why not)

Fire rate: 1/2X

Throws sharp shurikens at zombies that pierces through three zombies at once

Special: When zombies come near, the size of the shurikens increases dealing more damage.

Plant Food: Throws a barrage of Shurikens towards the sky and then it rains down.

Shuricane always thinks it tough to throw those sharp shurikens at zombies. What if he suddenly misses and hits a plant instead? Others however, comfort him saying that he is best at what he does. It gives him strength, his motivation. He loves his floral brethren but is very much scared of Laser Bean though. Lasers might reflect of shurikens and that scares him.

Intended counter against Excavators as those shurikens ignore his shovel

Reminds me of a plant that some youtuber made and ErnestoAM made a seed packet for it in one of his videos. Pretty sure same sun cost as well.

That's Floriken

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