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I have some new information if anyone still likes this game.
Justin Talks About DLC

At least their working on DLC.

A couple of days ago, Justin Wiebe confirmed that the next DLC is officially in its planning stage, and that the Rose/Super Brainz Patch will be implemented soon. One of the changes revealed is that Rose will get a larger hitbox.

His most recent tweet confirms the patch is coming this Thursday (which is coincidentally his birthday, so good for him).

This patch better be good.

In unrelated news, the PvZ game being developed in Vancouver (aka GW3) will have a campaign mode of some sort.

Admittedly Rose's hitbox was really annoying to deal with (like seriously, does she even have one for her body?) but I'm worried whether Roses will die too quickly after this change.

Isn't there supposed to be no more DLC?

Yes but if they add my legendary Pirate, I'm not complaining. </div>

`What would be a cool mechanic for another Pirate though?

i.e. not elemental

How about a pirate that causes curses to befall nearby plants everytime the pirate vanquishes a plant.

Considering that nearby and pirate don't really mix... it might not be that useful.

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