Also there's an early access apparently that's kinda public so...time to reveal my hidden knowledge over the past month. I'll focus on veterans in this. Breathes in

All: Everyone can sprint making them faster but they can't fire(I think)

Peashooter: Mostly unchanged though you can hover with Hyper which has been renamed.

Sunflower: Has 100 HP again, Heal Beam gain increase max HP, Heal Flower died but in return, Sunflower can become a walking heal flower.

Chomper: Now has a ranged attack, Goop is changed apparently but IDK how, Spikeweed can be thrown, I don't know too much about this TBH.

Cactus: 100 HP, has shotgun like Deadbeard but it's Bandit Cactus' weapon, has a meter where if you don't fire while in sniping mode, you get stronger, 4 Potato Mines, Garlic Drone has 15 HP?, Tallnut is dead but Cactus can fly now.

Rose: Goatify has much more AOE but moves slower, Time Snare is dead but Nec'Rose's Jinx is an ability with the same range as old Goatify.

Kernel Corn: Butter Barrage is dead and now throws a beacon that acts like a Scuba Solider sonar.

Citron: Balling has been reworked a bit(Not sure how much, maybe sprinting), weapon is now automatic weapon, Peel Shield is now a mechanic shared with Super Brainz(IDK on this too much), New ability that gives back the laser but on steroids.

Torchwood: Ded

Foot Soldier: Unchanged, lol

Engineer: Practically reworked. Jackhammer is sprint, weapon bounces on walls, can place turrets, can place a speed boosting pad, can create a trap of Sonic Grenades.

Scientist: Same Heal Beam change as Sunflower, Sticky Bomb is now Sticky Heal Bomb.

All Star: One Dummy Shield only but it creates a large force field around it so it actually protects you.

Deadbeard: Same sniping change as Cactus, 100 HP, drone fires a bomb from it's eye instead of an airstrike, Canon Rodeo is dead and an anchor grappling hook replaces it.

Imp: Unchanged

Super Brainz: Has a shield like Citron, can charge a punch that can launch a projectile but laser dies. Heroic Kick dies and is replaced with S.H.R.I.M.P Mech's Dive attack basically.

Hover Goat: Ded.

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