"One day, a frog met a pigeon."

In this game, you will reply to the previous user by continuing the story with another sentence (you may add a few if you'd like). For example, continuing the story from the above sentence...

"The pigeon laid an egg, and the frog took it and threw it into the sun."

Let's continue this story!

Note: If a new thread is to be created, a new sentence will be given to start a new story from!

Fun and games branch rules:
  • Please do not make any stupid replies such as "Banned because idk" or "My hill because why not."
  • Continuation threads must be made after 300 replies are reached and the old threads must be closed as quickly as possible.
  • NSFW or offensive content is strictly banned. (I'm gonna emphasise this rule over here)
  • All standard wiki rules apply to the Fun & Games branch. Unique rules for a thread cannot stop any of these rules.

Note: Breaking these rules will lead to warnings or blocks.

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