Everyone, welcome to the GRAND PART 40 JUBILEE of Ban the User Above You! Celebrate this milestone by having yet another episode!

The rules are pretty simple: Ban the user above you (but give a specific reason why)


User #1: Banned because I'm a man.

User #2: Banned for using the word "man".

User #3: Banned for using quotation marks.


Fun and games branch rules:
  • Please do not make any stupid replies such as "Banned because idk" or "My hill because why not."
  • Continuation threads must be made after 300 replies are reached and the old threads must be closed as quickly as possible.
  • NSFW or offensive content is strictly banned.
  • All standard wiki rules apply to the Fun & Games branch. Unique rules for a thread cannot stop any of these rules.

Note: Breaking these rules will lead to warnings or blocks.

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