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You and the others must fight in an arena. You can use any kind of weapon to "eliminate" your opponent. You can also "request" help from any real or fictional character. Use of armors (the Iron Man type and others as such) is NOT allowed. You can't be invincible (you do respawn tho).


  1. I slash you with a Sizzle Sword.
  2. I use a Flugkörper rocket launcher to blast you.
  3. I request a savage Devastator to crush you.
  4. I electrocute you with a CM 451 Starburst.

And so on. Have fun.

You can also use magic and pretty much anything that can deal damage (yes, death by papercut then again, Mario and Luigi Paper Jam).

Fun and games branch rules:
  • Please do not make any stupid replies such as "Banned because idk" or "My hill because why not."
  • Continuation threads must be made after 300 replies are reached and the old threads must be closed as quickly as possible.
  • NSFW or offensive content is strictly banned.
  • All standard wiki rules apply to the Fun & Games branch. Unique rules for a thread cannot stop any of these rules.

Note: Breaking these rules will lead to warnings or blocks.

    • Additional Rule:** Any variation of "no u" or redirecting the opponent's attacks are banned. Limit yourself to attacking others only.
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