Reapeageddon wrote: WiFi is required to play, Sun is no longer in multiples of 25. Sun-producers are no longer in the game. The story went from epic time-travel to a fucking crab tower attack Neighborville. Jesus Christ this game is soulless.

I don't like how Neighborville is canon in the main timeline now. I don't like how Crazy Dave now has a real name and it's literally "Crazetopher." I hate how there's an energy system in the tower and there's a FORCED LOSS level that forces you to go to the store and get Cabbage-pult in order to beat a damn Balloon Zombie. I hate how the plants talk now. I hate how EVERY SINGLE SECOND there's a hand that tells you WHERE to tap, LIKE LET ME PLAY THE GAME STOP GUIDING ME EVEN AFTER I PLAYED OVER 5 LEVELS ALREADY.


PvZ1's plot is as soulless as this game lol.

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