Blue Blazes is an ability for Snapdragon in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. When activated, Snapdragon launches a blue fireball that follows and attacks enemies. Its closest zombie counterpart in-game is Can't-Miss-ile. The projectile deals 100 damage to enemies hit by it, but will also deal 35 splash damage.


Blue Blazes' name is a pun on the term of the same name.


Launch blue fireball that follows enemies.

Associated upgrades

Perk Handling.png
Heat Seeking
Blue BlazesBfN.png
Increases homing radius when Blue Blazes is launched.

Increases Blue Blazes' maximum distance by 50% and its homing angle by 25%.
Perk Cooldown.png
Blue BlazesBfN.png
Reduced overheat of Flame Blower and Flare Ball when Blue Blazes is launched.

Resets the overheat percentage and decreases ability refresh times upon launching Blue Blazes.



You should use this similarly to the Super Guided Ultra Ball. It moves much faster than it, however, and it can burn its target unlike it. If you want the fireball to track enemies, you need to aim at the enemy for the entire duration of the fireball charging up, as with all homing abilities in the game. It can deal a powerful 100 damage, so you can instantly kill a few zombies including Imps, Captain Deadbeards and Scientists. A powerful strategy is to fire Blue Blazes, sprint away from your previous location and appear behind your targeted zombie, and use Flame Blower. The enemy will be focused on the fireball so they won't see you coming. This attack is never the most accurate and even though the projectile moves fast, the homing power isn't too strong. Also, if you don't aim at a target, it will not home onto any other targets, so the attack will be useless unless a zombie walks in front of your fireball. This is very unlikely because of its slow speed and the way it's shot which makes it easy for the fireball to go too far upward or downward.


If a Snapdragon tries to fire a Blue Blazes at you, sprint away and find cover between you and the Snapdragon. If you get behind cover before the Snapdragon fires the Blue Blazes, then the Blue Blazes will simply not lock onto you. Remember that the homing of Blue Blazes doesn't account for obstacles or cover, so even if the Blue Blazes does lock onto you, you'll take very little, if not, no splash damage from the Blue Blazes if you're hiding behind cover.

Balancing changes

October 2019 patch

  • Extend lifetime of Blue Blazes projectile 8->10s
  • Lengthen refresh time of Blue Blazes 10-17s
  • Increase max speed of Blue Blazes 18->20m/s
  • Increase max turn angle of Blue Blazes 120->125
  • Increase damage of Blue Blazes 75->125
  • Fix Blue Blazes projectile not flying straight when it doesn’t have a homing target

March 2020 Patch

  • Decrease direct damage 75->65
  • Decrease splash damage 50->35
  • Decrease refresh time 17->14.25 sec

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