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For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Blockbuster.

Jeepers, Zombies Hate Her Creepers

Blockbuster is a Rare Breaker Rear-Guard Dirt-Guard Multi-Direction plant in Plants vs. Zombies 3. She costs 3 sun and attacks zombies in front or behind her by attacking them with her vines.

If there are any obstacles in the lane she occupies, as well as adjacent lanes, she will immediately stop attacking zombies to attack any obstacles there until all obstacles are cleared from those lanes. She will do extra Shatter damage to obstacles as well.



Blockbuster is based on the plant with the same name and appearance from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

Her ability of prioritizing and destroying zombie obstacles comes from her ability to destroy any gravestones in both her lane and any surrounding lanes, as gravestones make a reappearance as an obstacle.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to level 1.

Normal Damage Icon.pngNormal Rare
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Sun PvZ3.png Lashes out with vines. Prioritizes hitting Obstacles, doing extra Shatter damage to them. Cinematic!
Attack Damage
Attack Speed
2.5 s
Damage per Second
Shatter Dmg. Boost
12 s

Effective against:
Donut Roller PvZ3 portrait.png Skeleton Zombie PvZ3 portrait.png Gravedigger PvZ3 portrait.png Pizza Guy PvZ3 portrait.png
As far as Blockbuster's concerned, you don't overcome Obstacles, you obliterate them. Naturally, she's been banned from all obstacle courses (what's left of them).


Plant Food effect

Blockbuster's Plant Food ability is named Shatter Storm. When used, Blockbuster will deal an immense amount of damage to all obstacles on the lawn, but will not target or attack any zombies.


Blockbuster's Tacobility is Twin Vines, which allows Blockbuster to attack with two vines at once, hitting the two closest targets.


Blockbuster is remarkably poor at being a plant used primarily to attack zombies, due to her low damage output when compared to other attacking plants like Peashooter and Cabbage-Pult, and as such should not be considered as a purely offensive plant.

Where Blockbuster shines however, is her ability to deal an immense amount of damage to all Obstacles in her lane, making her a very excellent plant to choose when facing off against particularly annoying obstacle zombies such as Donut Roller, Firewall Zombie, and Gravedigger, as she can severely weaken their associated obstacles and allow your other offensive plants to quickly destroy them with relative ease.


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