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This. Means. SPORE.

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Blight Cap

Blight Cap is a boss in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and the final boss of Town Center. She is a giant blue version of Night Cap who has been spreading fungi around Town Center which has created the 'un-Zombie' infection.

To start the battle, the player must enter the Boss Gate and travel down the foggy streets into the Shady Gardens, a large circular garden arena. In the center will be a large cluster of blue fungi as well as a Stink Bomb Launcher on the outskirts near where the player enters the arena. The player must then charge up the launcher by standing next to it to make it 'stinky', and then must fire a stink bomb at the fungi to destroy them and wake up Blight Cap.


Blight Cap has a small set of attacks when she is following the player around the arena:

  • She can throw a cluster of mushroom caps at the player.
  • She can create walls of purple flames which damage and burn the player.
  • She can summon Dandelions and Hypno-Shrooms to attack the player.
  • At later stages, she can throw a flare into the sky which causes potted Doom-Shrooms to rain down from above near the player.

Every time Blight Cap loses a quarter of her health, she will sneeze a barrage of spores on herself and the player, making her invulnerable while also disabling her main attacks. Instead, she will ignite and damage the player whenever they are in her line of sight. The player must then avoid her gaze at all costs using the surrounding hedges as cover and collect garbage from nearby bins. After doing so, the player must return to the stink bomb launcher, charge it up again and shoot a stink bomb at Blight Cap, breaking her spore shield and making her vulnerable again.

Upon defeat, Blight Cap will begin to feel uncomfortable and proceeded to explode, trust ended the 'un-zombie' infection.


  • Her prefight line, "This. Means. SPORE." is a reference to the 2012 film, "This Means War"
  • She is the only region final boss where the item the player has to assemble (In this case the stink bomb) is also used in their battle.
  • Unlike other bosses, there are no achievements for defeating her.


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