Blazin' Blast is the first ability for Torchwood in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, Torchwood blasts out a big amount of fire that deals 15 damage per second, and can deal a total of 450 damage, not including fire damage, to any nearby zombies. It behaves very similarly to Giga Torchwood's Volcano Breath.

Stickerbook description

This blast of fire from Torchwood's mouth is a sure-fire way to take care of Zombies that are in his path!


This is an extremely powerful ability in close range for being able to vanquish any zombie in a matter of seconds. Save this ability for capturing objectives and self defense if you are facing multiple enemies. Don't waste this ability on single targets because your primary weapon should be more than enough to vanquish single targets. However, if the 1v1 situation is with an Imp, it may be reasonable to use it to quickly vanquish it without having to deal with it.

This ability truly shines in matches of Turf Takeover and Gnome Bomb, being able damage huge crowds of zombies to attack or defend objectives or Gnome Bombs.



  • Its description makes a joke, because sure-fire means "certain to succeed", but it is also referencing the fact that, when using the ability, Torchwood sprays fire from from his mouth.
  • There is a glitch similar to the glitch from the Centurion, where when you are vanquished by the Blazin' Blast, the "Vanquished by" area says "Flame Spray" instead of "Blazin' Blast". Flame Spray is the primary weapon of the Fire Chomper.
    • This may be because the developers might have used the original coding for the Fire Chomper's Flame Spray to make the Blazin' Blast.
    • This glitch can happen if the player attacks a zombie with Torchwood's primary weapon after damaging them with Blazin' Blast.
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